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Ryan Mallory is the founder of and has been trading for more than 20 years. He got his start in the stock market at 11 years old when he inherited $5,000 from a relative that had passed away. Instead of putting the money in a college fund until he was 18, Ryan convinced his ... more


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Apple Stock: Buy AAPL Stock Now, Before The 4:1 Stock Split!?
Apple stock crushed its earnings report, and even more surprising is the 4:1 stock split AAPL ​stock will undergo.
Best Stocks To Buy In August 2020
Let's take a look at four stocks to buy in August 2020 and one stock to short.
Stock Market Update #20: Tesla Stock Analysis
The Stock Market Crash 2020 might seem long forgotten, as Tesla stock is now all the rage, but with a major earnings week coming up, and the FOMC Statement, there is the potential for a resumption of the stock market crash if all does not go well.
Should I Buy Silver Now?
Investing in silver has become all the rage, and following a huge silver price move, traders want to know 'should I buy silver now? Or is it too late?'.
Stock Market Update #20: The FANG Stocks Bubble
Over half way through with 2020 and The Stock Market Crash 2020 is quickly becoming a distant memory for traders and investors as FANG stocks continue to rocket higher and drag the stock market higher with it.
TSLA Stock: Should I Buy Tesla Stock Now Or Is It Too High?
While no one can predict what the TSLA stock will do going forward with 100% certainty, there are some key entry levels that you need to watch and where to put the stop-loss at as well.
Stock Market Crash Update #19: Will The Stock Market Crash Again!?
The Stock Market Crash 2020 is not over. For the past two months it has been looking as if the stock market was going back up. But now, there are questions of whether the stock market bottom is in.
Best Stocks To Buy Now In July 2020
The best stocks to buy now for July 2020 is discussed in this video, including my take on Disney stock, Roku stock and three other trade setups.
Stock Market Bubble 2020?
It is important to ask "is the stock market overvalued," and "is the stock market crash over," but we have to look at what we are currently seeing, and that is a stock market bubble emerging similar to what was seen in the dotcom bubble in 2000.
Will The Stock Market Crash Again?
The big question "will the stock market crash again" has everyone wondering if the massive 188 point crash on the S&P 500 will mean more market selling in the future, or will the dip buyers step in and allow the stock market to continue recovering.
Chart Patterns: Head And Shoulders Pattern
Chart patterns are import and the head and shoulders pattern is one of the most important reversal patterns in technical analysis.
Is The Stock Market Crash Over? - Sunday, June 7
Is the stock market crash over? With one of the great stock market rallies ever, the bulls are ready to declare the stock market crash over but is this really the case?
Will The Stock Market Recover To All-Time Highs?
The stock market crash of 2020 is starting to feel like a piece of history and investors and traders are asking "will the stock market recover to all time highs again?" I provide my SP 500 technical analysis along with the Nasdaq technical analysis.
Growth Stocks For 2020: Trading Tech Stocks + FANG Stocks
As the stock market continues to trend higher and ignore the ramifications of the stock market crash of 2020, our attention turns to growth stocks, tech stocks, and the major FANG stocks.
The Case For & Against Economic Collapse
The stock market crash of 2020 is looking more like a distant memory, even though we are dealing with an economic collapse with GDP crashing. In this video I lay out the argument for another economic collapse as it pertains to the stock market
Cruise Stocks To Buy Now: Analysis For RCL, NCLH And CCL Stock
The stock market crash 2020 has provided some very unique opportunities to buy stocks at levels that haven't been seen in ages.
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