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Ryan Mallory is the founder of and has been trading for more than 20 years. He got his start in the stock market at 11 years old when he inherited $5,000 from a relative that had passed away. Instead of putting the money in a college fund until he was 18, Ryan convinced his ... more


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Should I Buy Tesla Stock: Here's How I Trade TSLA
Tesla (TSLA) is the most hyped and talked about stock in years. It's excitement rivals that of bitcoin from a few years ago when it also went on a historic run. But should you be be investing in Tesla?
The Stock Market: Taking Profits
When should you book profits in your trading and investing in the stock market? Are you tired of always watching your profits disappear every time there is a downturn, or you sell when you should be holding or holding when you should be selling?
How High Will The Stock Market Go
The stock market is hitting new all-time highs every single day and looks overbought on most measures. But how long can this last? At some point there has to be a pullback, but when?
Bull Flag Breakout And Trade Review & Tutorial For Trinity Industries
Trinity Industries has a declining resistance level and is showing a bull flag pattern.
Will The Stock Market Crash If Donald Trump Is Impeached?
President Donald Trump is facing a likely impeachment in the House of Representatives and people are wondering what effect it will have on the stock market.
FANG Stocks Update - Which Ones Should You Trade?
The FANG stocks have lost some of their mojo lately with Netflix tanking and Amazon and Facebook trading sideways. Then you have Apple and Google popping some. In this video, I discuss which FANG stocks you should be trading.
Is Chipotle Stock A Buy?
Is Chipotle stock a good trade for you at all, and if so, should you be investing in it for the long-term or should you just make a trade out of it?
Trade Alerts And Technical Analysis Update
A technical analysis trade updates for the latest and hottest stocks and what you should be buying vs selling, and what stocks you should be staying away from altogether.
Trade Review And Technicals Analysis
Technical analysis of the stock market's hottest stocks and trading opportunities for traders and investors alike.
FV Trading Trump Tweets And Stock Market Crashes
The trade war with China is creating a massive amount of tension in the stock market, as is the Federal Reserve and its comments out of Jackson Hole.
Market Volatility + How To Trade When The Stock Market Begins To Crash
Not everyone knows how to protect their capital and profit when the market starts to crash. This video teaches simple swing-trading steps that I take to protect my capital and increase my profits in the most volatile and uncertain market conditions.
Market Cycles In A Bull Market Rally
We are all familiar with traditional stock market cycles, but what about the market cycle within a bull market rally and what does that look like?
FV FAANG Stocks & Stock Market Update
I'm going over Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google as well as Nvidia. Following a strong bounce in the stock market, where is the market poised to go from here, and can the stock market retest its all-time highs once again this month.
My Secret For Avoiding Losses During Earnings Season
Know the pitfalls that come with earnings season so that you don't trip over a landmine that will blow up a trade for you. Here are the two main rules.
Sectors And Industries: How To Know Which Ones To Trade
It's not enough to just buy stocks setting up well, or know the direction of the stock market. You need to know the sectors and industries that are driving the stock market higher or lower, which to trade and which to be avoided at all costs.
Stochastics: How To Use The Oscillator In Your Swing-Trading
The Stochastics Oscillator is one of the most popular ways of measuring if the market or a stock oversold or overbought. The stochastic oscillator used to define the current price in relation to its price range over a defined period of time.
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