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Rick Pedicelli is the the head trader of The Wagner Daily, a nightly swing trading newsletter where we put our money where our mouths are, and is owned by Morpheus Trading Group. Look no further if you are seeking a reputable trading service to teach you a proven swing trading system with the ... more


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Why We Bought Applied Materials Ahead Of This Week’s Big Gains
On March 26, semiconductor stock Applied Materials (AMAT​​​​​​​) moved through its original breakout pivot. The breakout was confirmed by a pick-up in volume and finished above its average level (a bullish sign of institutional accumulation).
Snowflake IPO: How The Bullish Reversal Candlestick Pattern Led To A +33% Gain In Eight Days
When trading hot IPO growth stocks like Snowflake, the bullish reversal candle can provide an excellent, early buy entry point with lower risk. Here’s how that reliable candlestick pattern gave us an ideal buy setup that led to a +33% gain.
How To Easily Find The Next Leading Stocks After A Market Correction
When stocks are finding a bottom after a correction, buying the right stocks is crucial. Here’s a simple technique known as Relative Strength that enabled us to identify and buy NET before it rallied to a +46% gain.
How We Managed Our Stock Trades With Precision When The Sell-Off Began
Knowing when to let the profits ride versus when to play defense is a life-long pursuit for every trader–regardless of one’s experience level and profitability.
How We Gained +51% In Fastly-Despite Selling Shares Too Early
Because FSLY rallied to a +29% gain just eight days after our buy entry, we made a judgment call to sell partial share size into strength to lock in some profit.
3 Hot Stocks To Buy On A Pullback (And How To Know When)
During any significant market rally, the first stocks that break out to new highs and move substantially higher within a short period of time are known as leading stocks–because their price action leads the market higher.
Why Amazon Is Now Poised For Another Huge Rally
Massive home shopping demand rocketed Amazon shares to new highs during the coronavirus lockdown, but recent bullish price action hint at even more monster gains ahead.
TSLA Breakout From Cup With Handle
Tesla which substantially beat Q1 quarterly earnings expectations last week, has been forming the handle portion of a bullish cup with handle chart pattern for the past three weeks.
Trade Review: +8.8% Gain On Zoom Video’s Breakout Day
Zoom Video (ZM) rocketed to a new record high yesterday, enabling subscribers to score a gain of +8.8% so far. Here’s a simple chart review of the trade setup that led to this timely entry.
1 to 9 of 9 Posts