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Peter Schiff is the CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, an SEC-Registered Investment Adviser and a full service broker/dealer. He is also Chairman of SchiffGold, his precious metals dealer, more

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QE Infinity And Beyond
The Dow had the biggest rally today since 1933 during the Great Depression. Physical gold market is selling out of inventory.
The Bubble Behind The Virus
Volatile day and week for the Dow, which ended down almost a thousand on Friday, March 20. The sacrifices we made in WWII are completely different than the sacrifices we’re making now.
Helicopter Money Was Meant To Be A Joke
Dow ends its streak of thousand point moves after 8 consecutive days. The unemployment claims are skyrocketing and they’re going to increase.
Bailout Spreads Nationwide
The Dow is up almost 2,000 points today; the 10th biggest percentage gain, with most larger gains occurring during the bear market of the 1930's. We had a lot of stock market firsts this week, and it was one of choppiest weeks on record.
It's Not The Oil, It's The Debt
The oil war that began today will bankrupt many US companies. 60% of stocks in Russell 2000 are lower now than when Donald “the stock market president” Trump took office.
Financial Conditions Are Rapidly Deteriorating
The week closes out with another big drop in the markets. Nasdaq and Russell 2000 have hit new lows for the year. Russell 2000 is on-track to have lost value during Trump’s four years in office.
Stimulus Overdose To Propel Gold To New Highs
Bear markets have notoriously big rallies as they fall down the slope of hope. Today’s record-breaking 1200 point rally in the Dow may be an example of that.
When A Market Priced For Perfection Doesn't Get It
Dow down 404% with a record 1200 point drop. Coronavirus damage to the market cannot be undone. Major discounts in the gold mining stocks.
Bond Market Telegraphing More Rate Cuts This Year
Peter discusses bond market, China, coronavirus, Fed's monetary policies, and what that means for the dollar, gold, and economy.
Bond Market Anticipating Future Fed Rate Cuts
Coronavirus fears slam stocks in broad sell-off. The Wall Street fear index is at highest since Jan 2019.
Bonds Are The Bubble, Gold Is The Pin
This week saw significant moves in the bond market, the Coronavirus as an inflationary event and the US has never been less credit-worthy than it is right now.
QE Won't Cure The Coronavirus Or The Economy
Coronavirus may be worse than anyone thought, but why aren’t the markets worried? Gold mining stocks looking positive again. Underlying weakness in the dollar being revealed in gold.
Stock Market Bubble Bigger Today Than 2008
Peter Schiff on the current stock market bubble and why it's bigger and more dangerous than the one that popped in 2008, causing an economic crisis.
Ultimate 2020 Forecast For Gold
Daniela Cambone (Kitco News), Frank Holmes (US Global), Rick Rule (Sprott US), Grant Williams (Vulpes Investment Management) and Peter Schiff (Euro Pacific) sit down at the VRIC 2020 to discuss their outlook on gold and gold stocks.
Coronavirus Excuse Masks Nascent Bear Market
An old trader saying is "So goes January, so goes the year" and after a Friday sell-off that bodes ill for the markets going forward. The Coronavirus is not the reason the market is going down, it's just the excuse to sell.
Clash Of The Titans
Trump claimed that during his term in office, the net worth of the bottom half of wage earners has increased by 47%.
1 to 16 of 755 Posts
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