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Coronavirus Excuse Masks Nascent Bear Market
An old trader saying is "So goes January, so goes the year" and after a Friday sell-off that bodes ill for the markets going forward. The Coronavirus is not the reason the market is going down, it's just the excuse to sell.
Ringing In A Decade Of Stagflation
All of the major U.S. stock market indexes finished the second to last trading day of this year in the red.
QE4 Sends Dow Above 28,000
The Dow continued its winning streak hitting 28,000 with the Nasdaq also hitting new highs along with the S&P 500. The only major index not enjoying the party is the Russell 200, the one index that best reflects the domestic economy.
Service Sector To Follow Manufacturing Into Recession
In this podcast, I discuss today's nonfarm payroll numbers, IPO's being cancelled due to insufficient investor demand, and ISM non-manufacturing is down, way down.
The Coming Financial Hurricane Will Be A Cat 5
Economists are going to say that Hurricane Dorian is going to be good for GDP but the economy is disastrous enough without believing the Keynesian fallacy that disasters are good for the economy.
Gold Breaks Out But Investors Remain Cautious
The reason the S&P made a record high this week is not indicative of a better economy under President Trump, it's because the Fed is cutting rates to prop up a sagging economy.
Trump Is Keynes On Steroids
Gold din't hold its rise this week thanks to stronger than expected economic data of an upward revision to GDP. There's a lot of noise as gold keeps knocking on the resistance door.
Game Over For The Fed
What was the catalyst for last week's big move in the US stock markets? It wasn't earnings, recent IPOs, GDP growth or other recent economic data- we discuss what really drove it- the Fed.
The Fed Created An Uber Problem
The trade war is not making any sense and things are breaking down with the stock market delivering the work weekly performance this year. I f you think lower taxes are good, then you can't think tariffs are good.
Job Headlines Still Mask The Real Story
The headline number from Jobs Friday was better than expected and the unemployment number also dropped but those figures cover up the number of discouraged and part-time workers.
Trump Puts QE4 In Play
The US stock market continued to grind higher mainly as a result of the jobs report although the market may still be headed for bear market territory even as the president calls for QE4.
Fed Gives Stocks A Q1 Lyft
The Dow Jones closed out its best first quarter since 1998 with the broader averages doing even better but what's really behind the gains? It's really just a gift from the Federal Reserve.
Whistling Past The Stagflation Graveyard
A late-day rally wasn't enough to bring the US Stock market indices into the black on Friday, and the week was one of the first down weeks in 2019 and it certainly won't be the last.
Are Debt-Laden Consumers Finally Tapped Out?
The Dow Jones started off the final day of the week with a pretty strong rally; we were up a little better than 200 points earlier in the day. Then we got some weaker than expected economic data and the market sold off.
In Bear Markets Rallies Are Corrections
We are still in a bear market, we haven't made new highs so any rally is an upward correction despite a bullish week.
Blind Fed Leading Blind Investors Over A Financial Cliff
The stock markets ended the week on a positive note and everything was up except bonds and the dollar with oil being the big winner. What is driving the upbeat week is the Fed, with not just the Powell put, but a number of central bankers.
1 to 16 of 128 Posts
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