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30 Working Days Left To Prepare For The UK's No Deal Brexit
Next month, the world's 5th largest economy will likely abandon its 45-year trading relationship with the European Union. Yet most investors, companies and currency traders have done nothing to prepare. They have just 30 working days to wake up.
IKEA Heads Into The Circular World With Furniture Subscription Trial
Product-based companies should take note - day by day, we are leaving the "throwaway society". Why spend $ millions making plastic bags, only to throw them away after 5 minutes use? Why throw out a kitchen because one's bored with the colour?
Fed’s Magic Money Tree Hopes To Overcome Smartphone Sales Downturn And Global Recession Risk
Smartphone sales are falling. But don't worry, Modern Monetary Theory says debt doesn't matter any more. So the Fed can rush to support the stock market - as it did again last week. But can we be sure there will never be a global recession again?
Flexible Working Is Key To Reversing Today's Collapse In Fertility Rates
The collapse of fertility rates is one of the most serious issues facing society. Not only is growth slowing as we become an ageing population, but populations are now starting to contract. New policies are urgently needed to reverse these trends
No Deal Brexit Remains UK Law Unless MPs Reverse Their Previous Votes
Investors are guilty of wishful thinking if they imagine that No Deal Brexit can't happen. It is actually now UK law after last week's defeat of the Withdrawal Agreement. And it will be very hard to reverse this with only 68 days left till Brexit
CEOs Need New Business Models Amid Downturn
Many indicators are now pointing towards a global downturn in the economy, along with paradigm shifts in demand patterns. Investors need to ensure CEOs focus on building resilient business models to survive and prosper in this New Normal world


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The Global Economy’s Best Leading Indicator Forecasts A Downturn
2 years ago

The link above for the IMF data seems to have broken, so I am adding it here

Political Risk Rises As Trump Sets Out To Change America’s Relationship With The World
2 years ago

It seems the links to the 2 videos were somehow removed in the editing process, so here they are:

Click here for Kennedy

Click here for Reagan

Today’s New Normal World – The Challenge Of The 100-Year Life
2 years ago

Trump unfortunately shares Obama's myopia about the economic impact of America's aging Boomers on the economy. Its much easier for him to suggest everything can be resolved via a trade war with China, just as Obama found it easier to argue that monetary policy was the solution.

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An 11th Birthday – And A Look Forward To 2021
In the midst of major uncertainty, its often useful to take a longer-term view
Airbus Warns Of “dawning Reality” There May Be No Brexit Deal
Many investors have ignored the fact that the UK is currently set to leave the EU next March. Now Airbus and BMW have warned they urgently need more detail on what new trading arrangements will apply, and if there will be a Transition Agreement.
Chemical Industry Data Shows Reflation Remains Hope, Not Reality
Hopes for the "great reflation" and return of inflation are likely to be disappointed over the next few months, as China's $150bn/month shadow lending stimulus is cut back to zero
Plastics Demand Is Peaking As Circular Economy Arrives
The world has produced 8.3bn tonnes of plastics since the industry began 60 years ago. Almost all of it is still with us - in the oceans and in landfill. Companies need to develop new business models to tackle this problem.
The Blog’s 10th Birthday
The blog has successfully forecast the subprime crisis, major movements in the oil price and more recently, Trump's success and the Leave result in the UK referendum. Today is its 10th birthday.
G7 Summit Shows Leaders Are Forgetting The Lesson Of The 1930s
G7 leaders spent more time arguing than agreeing in Italy at the weekend. They have forgotten that no single country can resolve today's problems - as JFK said long ago,"United there is little we cannot do, divided there is little we can do"
US Permian’s Shale Oil Surge Highlights OPEC’s Failed Strategy
OPEC and Russia have made a massive mistake in trying to put a $50/bbl floor under oil prices. They have given a window of opportunity to US Permian Basin producers to ramp up huge volumes of low-cost production.
Debt, Demographics Set To Destroy Trump's GDP Growth Dream
President Trump is copying Presidents George W Bush and Obama in hoping stimulus policies will restore US GDP growth levels to 3%. But today's aging population makes this impossible. Instead it will add to the debt mountain their stimulus created .

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