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Market Strategist - Over 20 Years Experience

My approach to investing is quite simple. I evaluate market conditions, assess and analyze specific financial instruments ranging from equities to commodities and fixed income and apply my newly gained knowledge to drive portfolio returns.

I am a believer that the combination of ... more


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E BTE: Short Term Alpha With Defined Risk And Return
Technical play on an energy stock with defined risk and return.
E Short Term Alpha, With Defined Risk And Return
Stumbled upon a penny stock that fits my criteria of risk vs. reward
Anatomy Of A Market Top And Its Implications To The Current Environment.
Taking a technical look at the current state of the S&P 500, with an objective opinion on the future direction.
2015 Rate Hikes Are A Myth
The global economic landscape will not allow the Federal reserve to raise rate in 2015. Too many indicators are pointing to the contrary. If anything, the Federal reserve will have to ease
Why Gold Is Headed To 1550 In 2015
Factors are pointing towards a bullish trend reversal in Gold and Miners.
1 to 5 of 5 Posts