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Option Generator provides crystal clear analyses on selecting quality companies and combining these with covered call trades. 

Generally, volatility frightens investors around the world as they might think that there are no safe places for income investors ... more


Skewing Your Short Strangles When Markets Are At All-Time Highs
In the world of selling options, we want to minimize daily portfolio volatility and reduce our directional exposure. Here's how we do that...
Measuring Interest-Rate Sensitivity In Low-Volatility Stocks: Difficult Exercise!
Low-volatility stocks provide us with quality, predictable cash flows, clear growth trajectory, perfect management execution, smaller drawdowns and smaller rallies. The SPLV has performed beautifully but will it continue to do so?
Low-Volatility Stocks, Put Skew And The Consequences Of Low IV
Offering insight into the powerful statistical evidence of selling wide strangles, diversifying into several industries and why low-beta stocks are very attractive from a premium seller standpoint.
Market Outlook As Of October 27, 2019
Since mid-October we’ve seen a clear switch from growth and low-beta stocks to value stocks, just like in mid-September a few days before the market sold off nearly 4% in a short period of time. Today, I spot exactly the same situation.
Correlation And Short Vega: Let's Do The Math
Spreading the risk via purchasing bonds and stocks does reduce your standard deviation, but it doesn’t provide you with additional returns as bonds and stocks show strong negative correlation.
Structuring A Short Strangle Portfolio: Why IVR, Portfolio Sizing And Research Make Total Sense
Changes in volatility have a major impact on short-term and long-term options. The stock market is unpredictable and so is implied volatility.




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In this very first real-life portfolio update, I highlight the current market environment, portfolio holdings, possible future trades, realized results and interesting research made on managing winners and selling options in a low IV rank.

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