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Option Generator provides crystal clear analyses on selecting quality companies and combining these with covered call trades. 

Generally, volatility frightens investors around the world as they might think that there are no safe places for income investors ... more


What To Watch Out For In Option Strategies
We believe that the real edge lies in high-probability option strategies, but the gap between choosing naked and covered positions is huge.
Why Selling In-The-Money Covered Calls Is A Great Strategy
After discussion how to play defense with covered option selling strategies, it's time to take a look at an example showing the true power of in-the-money covered call writing.
How Option Strategies Can Be A Great Substitute For Bonds
The coronavirus crisis has pushed conservative investors into so-called "safe" assets like bonds and gold, but the real question is whether that makes sense.
4 Long-Term Buying Opportunities In The Midst Of Elevated Volatility
There's a clear edge for buying equities into VIX-strength.
Buying Puts: Waste Of Your Money Or Crucial To Survive? - Part 2
Hedging your portfolio by utilizing long puts on the Eurostoxx-50 turns out to be a successful strategy in conjunction with traditional buy and hold investing, not to mention the covered call premiums we can collect on our long-term leaders.
Buying Puts: Waste Of Your Money Or Crucial To Survive? - Part 1
The VIX is difficult product to read, especially during uncertain times like we witness right now.




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