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Hamish Maertens, CEO and founder of Option Generator AM, provides crystal clear analyses on selecting quality companies and combining these with option selling strategies. For a select group of Belgian clients, he offers wealth management solutions following the proven methodology of generating ... more


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Low-Volatile High-Quality Stocks Are Due For A Sharp Rebound
Interest rates have been climbing over the past months as investors started to weigh in on a sharp economic recovery following the November vaccine news. However, recent economic indicators are pointing to severe weakness in small businesses.
American Tower Is A Great Buy At Today's Levels
Having lost the COVID premium, it's quite remarkable that the stock is down year-to-date.
The Low Vol Anomaly Is Still In Play
Minimum-vol strategies are lagging the market this year, despite a drop in interest rates and a wall of worries.
Sherwin Williams: This COVID-Proof Powerhouse Is Breaking Out
Sherwin Williams has carved itself out a COVID-proof winner label thanks to unprecedentedly strong growth in DYI consumer brands.
Dollar General: The Best Recession-Proof Stock On The Board Is Trading At A Discount
Generating a record 2.5 billion USD in free cash flow this year, Dollar General is once again thriving under these challenging economic conditions as it tends to do in nearly every shaky environment.
Bond Yields Are Rising: What's The Impact On Stocks?
Rising interest rates don't impact a well-run company. It's the stock market's perception that makes many believe the opportunity cost of choosing between bonds and stocks is still alive.
Bracing For The Next Correction: Where Most Investors Fail
Over the past years I've tried to time the market thinking I would stay ahead of the herd. Quickly entering positions and scooping up small profits. I wasn't investing strategically, although I was paying enough attention to many investment rules.
Covered-Call Writing And Finding The Right Underlying
Of all option strategies, covered-call writing is considered to be least risky one. However, not every stock/underlying fits the bill. Thoroughly analyzing drawdown graphs, probability of profit, and Sharpe Ratio should be considered first.
Investing Smart In Brookfield Infrastructure Partners With Options
The primary reason why Belgian (retail) investors avoid foreign investments is the 'home bias' syndrome. However, there's another factor which comes into play: withholding taxes related to dividend distributions.
Risk Management: Introduction To (Beta-Weighted) Delta
Beta-weighting delta is a number that tells us as to how much our portfolio would move up if the index moved up 1 point -- or how much our portfolio would move down if the index lost 1 point.
Asset Management Performance Update, July 2020
Given the Covid-19 crisis, we continue to favor software and healthcare companies as their balance sheets and cash flows remain rock-solid.
Volatility Risk When Utilizing Options
History has shown the benefit of selling options (especially in a covered way, not via naked positions) because implied volatility tends to be overstated in the short run (for example on a monthly basis).
Developing A Strategic Investing Approach
Creating consistency in your returns automatically leads to better results.
EC Impact Of Drawdowns And Randomness On Passive Investing Returns
We want to intentionally show the effects of a drawdown on your returns, which is of particular interest to investors nearing retirement.
Increasing Volatility Crushes Returns Of Passive Investing
Retail investors and wealthy investors putting their money into an ETF or mutual fund believe that passive buy-and-hold investing is the way to go, thinking a more different approach will kill their returns.
Portfolio Tactics: Analyzing Risk When Rolling Your Covered Calls
We need to figure out what returns we can generate per unit of risk. It's the combination of putting various strategies together that makes our methodology work.
1 to 16 of 56 Posts
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