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China's Trade Surplus Vanished Into Thin Air: What's Going On?
China's currency reserves ought to be increasing given its persistent trade surplus. They aren't due to capital flight.
Electric Car Major Headache
The inconvenient truth of electric vehicles is they are terribly inconvenient to own and operate. Most cars need a charge after 200+ miles traveled. Charging them requires finding a charging station, and then an open bay - not an easy task.
"Made In China" Soon To Be Replaced By "Made In Taiwan"
Trump has clearly disrupted supply chains. Companies will move where costs are lowest. However, each shift costs money. In no case is US manufacturing the likely beneficiary.
Freight Shipments Sinking Globally, US Joins The Parade: Global Recession Starts
The economic outlook based on freight shipments is growing dim. Global expansion has peaked.
Hello Ten-Year One-Handle, Hello Gold
Gold blasted $48 higher today and the 10-year Treasury yield briefly fell below 2.0% with Mideast tensions rising.
Student Loan Debt Climbs To Record High $1.4 Trillion In 2019
Want to know what's holding back housing and family formation? Look no further than student loans.
Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged As Expected, Dot Plot Of Future Policy Splits
For all of today's heightened anticipation, the results were quite anticlimactic.
Italian Government Has €50 Billion Unpaid Bills: Proposed Payment? The Mini-BOT
This is just a proposal or a discussion of a proposal, but the idea is gaining traction. There will be a showdown soon.
Facebook's Crypto Proposal Triggers Fury In Congress: Bitcoin Fans Take Note
Facebook's proposed cryptocurrency has raised red flags where Bitcoin has so far flown under the radar - and that's the real threat.
Housing Starts Down Slightly: Single-Family Very Weak, Down 12.5% Year-Over-Year
The New Residential Construction report looks like a mixed bag, but the single-family numbers are a disaster.
Currency Wars: ECB Hints At Rate Cuts, Trump Slams Draghi In Tweetstorm
The fact remains, there is no economic benefit to this nonsense. It is always a benefit for the consumer to get more for their money than less.
Meet The Mini-BOT: Italy Will Break Up The Eurozone
Italy is set to leave the Eurozone. The Mini-BOT is the transition mechanism. Few see it coming.
Warren And Trump: Both Want To Sink The Dollar
If China is "dumping" goods below cost, it is to the advantage of the US, not China. Standards of living increase when the cost of goods declines. That is the final bottom line in this mess.
Ho Ho Ho It's Magic: Deutsche Bank, Market Cap $14B To Spin Off $50B In Assets
This story makes perfect sense, in some magical alternate universe somewhere.
Why Brexit Must Be Delivered (And Johnson Will Do It)
There is no question Johnson will deliver Brexit. The only question is "How?"
Two Million Protesters Flood Streets Of Hong Kong: What's It All About?
Protests in Hong Kong have been growing. Unsure why? We take a look at how it all started and what it means.
1 to 16 of 3359 Posts
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