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Consumers Use Free Money To Pay Down Debt
Credit-card debt in the U.S. and other advanced economies has fallen. Fewer people are late on their credit-card payments. Consumer demand for new borrowing—through credit cards, personal loans and even pawnshops—is down sharply.
There Is No Bang For The PCE Buck
There is no economic benefit to inflation but there are winners and losers. The winners are those with first access to money, namely the banks and the already wealthy.
Income And Spending Are Headed In Opposite Directions
Since Covid hit, the stable relationship between income and spending broke down..The BEA's Personal Income and Outlays report shows Real Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) rose 5.2% but Real Disposable Personal Income (DPI) decreased 1.8%.
Consumer Spending Jumps For A Second Month ... But
The BEA's Personal Income and Outlays report shows Personal Consumption Expenditures rose 5.6% in June and Real PCE rose 5.2%
Unemployment Claims Rise For The First Time Since May
Both initial and continued unemployment claims rose this week. Continued claims rose for the first time since May.
GDP Estimates Proven Useless: It's Time To Replace Them
Today's numbers highlight many of the issues surrounding GDP reporting and estimates.
US Economy Declines By A Record 32.9 Percent
The BEA reports Real GDP fell at 32.9 percent annualized. The quarterly decline compared to a year ago is 9.5%. Both are records.
Over 62 Million People Had No Pay Last Week
Over 62 million not-retired people reported having no pay last week.
Fed's "Whatever It Takes Moment" Is A Big Flop
The Fed issued a set of meaningless statements following its FOMC Meeting Today.
Halfway Through The Year, How Is China Doing On Its Trade Commitments?
China has missed the mark across the board.
Japanese Style Price Fixing By The Fed Is On The Way
The Fed is tired of fighting the markets and using QE to force interest rates where it wants. Instead, it will follow the path of the Bank of Japan.
Covid Outbreak At The US Mint Causes Shortage Of Gold And Silver Coins
Due to a COVID outbreak, the US mint cannot produce enough coins to meet demand.
Nonsense From The WSJ On Gold Vs The Dollar
Mainstream media is continually wrong about the relationship between gold and the dollar.
Google's Blockbuster Work From Home Announcement
Google made a major announcement that will impact 200,000 employees.
Gold Hits New Record High And There's More To Come
Gold futures just touched $1928 taking out the Intraday high of $1923.70 in 2011.
The Clock Just Ran Out On $600 In Weekly Unemployment Benefits
The expiration is now less of an inducement to get Democrats to the negotiating table than a potential albatross they will try to drape around the necks of endangered Senate Republicans.
1 to 16 of 3984 Posts
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