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Fed Panic! 10-Year Vs 3-Month Yield Curve Spread Un-Inverts
Over the past few weeks the 10-yr to 3-month inversion shank. That portion of the curve is no longer inverted. So what?
Half-Point Rate Cut Odds Explode To 71% - So What? It Doesn't Matter!
A 50 or even 100 basis point cut won't matter now. It's too late to matter. The debt deflation horn has already sounded.
Leading Economic Indicators (LEI) Unexpectedly Dive Into Negative Territory
The Conference Board's LEI index turned negative in June. The yield curve finally made a negative contribution.
Junk Bond Bubble In Pictures: Deflation Up Next
The highest grade AAA corporate bonds yield 2.75%. BBB-rated corporate bonds, just one step above junk, 3.5%. BB-rated bonds yield just 4.28%.
Housing Slowly Rolling Over: June Permits Down 6.1%, Starts Down 0.9%
​The housing sector is slowly rolling over. Despite lower interest rates, homes are not affordable and attitudes towards the ownership society have changed.
Retail Sales Post A Solid Month Led By Autos And Amazon
The odds the US is currently in recession took a hit today based on the Advance Retail Sales report.
Import And Export Price Weakness Continues In July
The BLS report on Import and Export Prices shows more weakness in July.
Recession Looms: Cass Freight Index Negative For 7th Month
The shipments index has gone from “warning of a potential slowdown” to “signaling an economic contraction.”
UK, Philippines Side With Huawei: Why Is The US Behind On 5G?
In a global 5-G battle, Trump has forced nations to take sides. The EU, UK, and the Philippines will buck Trump.
Lesson On How To Look Pompous, Bitcoin Style
Some say everyone should have bought Bitcoin at the recent bottom, including the poor. Even if someone perfectly timed the bottom, just how many poor people had money to buy Bitcoins?
Remainer Dogs Now Meowing Like Brexit Cats
This was bound to happen and finally did. Boris Johnson announced that he would not have anyone in his cabinet who did not fully endorse Brexit by October 31.
Trump Slams Bitcoin, Libra In Tweet Storm: What Does It Mean? Anything?
In a series of three Tweets, Trump went after Bitcoin and Libra. Does it matter?
Housing Bubble Reblown: Last Chance For A Good Price Was 7 Years Ago
Housing prices have far outstripped wage growth and rental prices. Something has to give. So it will.
PPI For Goods And Services Diverge
The discrepancy between goods and services widened further this month as costs to produce good fell while services rose.
CPI Supposedly Headed Nowhere, But Let's Dive Inside
In its foolish attempt to prevent routine CPI deflation, the Fed has sewn the seeds of a very deflationary asset bubble bust.
One Heck Of A Recession Party!
Stocks are on a tear. Celebrating rate cuts. With the rate cuts comes a recession. No recession? No more rate cuts.
1 to 16 of 3399 Posts
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