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I'm an investment strategist specializing in rules-based equity and ETF investing strategies, with particular emphasis on small-cap equities. I believe the most promising ideas are those that are off the beaten track, far from the glare of day-to-day investment headlines and that these can ... more

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Searching For Interesting Unsung ETFs
If you’re into ETFs, you obviously know about the standard options like SPY and IWM. But what about the world of non-generic ETFs? Let's take a closer look...
Invest Like You're On Tinder: Be Quick To Swipe Left
In the stock market, notwithstanding the readily accessible data and the multitude of tools and techniques we can use to analyze it all, the single best thing many can do to control risk is, metaphorically speaking, to just swipe left and move on.
Accenture: A Bold Claim Supported By Evidence
In a stock market obsessed with FAANG stocks and so-called “unicorn” IPOs, investors should love where Accenture is headed.
Mr. Market Likes These 10 Good-Yielding Reasonable-Risk REITS. Should You?
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are great for income and asset-class diversification. Here are 10 REITS worth a closer look...
Using Market Sentiment To Grab A Yield-Hunting Edge
Stereotypically, the typical equity-income investor is seen as a stodgy sort, someone who frets if a dividend payout ratio rises above, say 40% or if debt winds up accounting for more than half of a company’s capital.
Warren Buffett Says Book Value Lost Its Relevance. “I Object!”
In the eyes of many, Book Value (BV), the metric traditionally favored by academicians as an anchor for the much revered albeit-lately-poorly-performing value factor, was sort-of pronounced dead on February 23, 2019.
Getting Creative In The Hunt For Yield
Interest rates remain near historically low levels. This is great for the economy and the financial markets.
Finding Buyable Stocks In A Market That Has Already Rallied
The stock market has charted something of a “V” pattern since early December, with the bottom point having occurred around Christmas. And right now, the S&P 500 is within a whisker of the early December high.
Value Pushes Back Against The Bear
Those who thought Value is dead probably had a rotten January, at least if they acted on such assumptions.
Bloomberg Says Quants Aren’t Adding Up. I Say Bull - If They’re Legit
Quant investing is not magic. It’s the application of objectivity, discipline, and systemization to a very challenging task and its merit lies in the notion of a sensible process that can better serve investors.
Value “Investing” Always Works Even When The Value “Factor” Falters
Investing based solely on the value factor makes no more sense than investing buying a home based solely on the price (and without looking at any characteristics of the home).
EC A Style-Based Approach To Market Meteorology
Where is the stock market going? Up Down? Sideways? We devote considerable time and resources to seeking answers despite the reality that few among us, if any, can give consistently reliable answers to such questions.
Quanta Services: A Personable Infrastructure Play
PWR is an infrastructure play that has good fundamentals, and despite a recent negative earnings surprises, now looks to be gaining enough support in the stock market to transition from bearish to bullish.
Profiting From Changes In Stock Personality
Do stocks have personalities? Yes, they do, and we all know it even though we may not explicitly use that language when we think or talk about stocks.
Conservative Investors: Step Up!
There’s no shortage of market indicators out there, even sentiment indicators. Most are based, if not on survey or economic bean counting, on price and volume.
Should Conservative Investors Take The Paper Bags Off Their Heads?
There are many ways to measure risk-taking versus avoidance in the market.
1 to 16 of 115 Posts
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