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Director of Research, Chaikin Analytics

Marc Gerstein (Twitter: @MHGerstein), Director of Research at Chaikin Analytics, is an oddball sort of quant. He has long specialized in rules/factor-based equity investing strategies and has been addicted to stock screening since the days ... more


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Why I Don’t Expect A Value-Crash In Future-FANMAG Type Stocks
If stock valuation was about nothing more than looking at ratios, a first-grader would be an expert. But many investors are loath to even consider moving beyond a simple high-to-low ratio sort.
Evaluating The Efficacy Of The Model That’s Flashing Green On Many 2040-FANMAG Themed ETFs
My goal today is to explore the nature and current efficacy of the model we use to rate these ETFs.
Finding 2040’s FANMAG: Thematic ETFs For Long-Term Portfolios
Fixed Income ETFs Can Work For Retirees Who Aim For The Sweet Spot Between No Yield And Mega Risk
Fed Chair Jerome Powell may be a Godsend to the COVID-19-era financial markets, but to retirees, he’s the Scrooge-like boss that keeps pushing wages down toward what has to seem like starvation levels.
Don’t Get Ambushed By The FANG/FANMAG Factor!
With the rise of FANMAG as the dominant names, a lot of ETFs, which are market cap weighted, have become proxies for FANMAG. FANMAG-proxy ETFs can work if you are bullish about the big-name stocks. That said, you need not make a snap judgment.
Be Creative When Searching For Growth, Lest You Just Wind Up With Empty Glamour
To be filled if approvedJust because a style-classification scheme has been in unquestioned use for decades doesn’t mean it provides genuinely helpful information to investors. Growth cannot now, or ever, be avoided by equity investors.
Utility ETFs: Snooze Fest Or Comfort Food?
Of the three kinds of equity ETFs advisers can tap to generate yield, Real Estate is, on average, tops in terms of yield, the general Dividend ETF category is number two, and Utilities come in third.
Bullish, Bearish, Perplexed, Doesn’t Matter — Stay In Shape
We’re now going through the hard part of the stock-market crash. The relentless downward momentum has eased and we’ve even seen some rallies, not to mention, indications, that the coronavirus curve, is, in fact, leveling.
Dividend ETFs: Anomalies Are Great, So Long As They Aren’t Mirages
With market interest rates still historically low and many investors and advisory clients needing income, the quest for yield can’t easily be abandoned. That adds pressure to turn over more rocks looking for potential traps.
Why Your Supposedly-Stable Fixed-Income ETF Fell Off A Cliff
Interest rates have been going down — that means fixed income prices should be going up. But even when rates rise, fixed income is supposed to be the stable asset class.
Searching For Interesting Unsung ETFs
If you’re into ETFs, you obviously know about the standard options like SPY and IWM. But what about the world of non-generic ETFs? Let's take a closer look...
Invest Like You're On Tinder: Be Quick To Swipe Left
In the stock market, notwithstanding the readily accessible data and the multitude of tools and techniques we can use to analyze it all, the single best thing many can do to control risk is, metaphorically speaking, to just swipe left and move on.
Accenture: A Bold Claim Supported By Evidence
In a stock market obsessed with FAANG stocks and so-called “unicorn” IPOs, investors should love where Accenture is headed.
Mr. Market Likes These 10 Good-Yielding Reasonable-Risk REITS. Should You?
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are great for income and asset-class diversification. Here are 10 REITS worth a closer look...
Using Market Sentiment To Grab A Yield-Hunting Edge
Stereotypically, the typical equity-income investor is seen as a stodgy sort, someone who frets if a dividend payout ratio rises above, say 40% or if debt winds up accounting for more than half of a company’s capital.
Warren Buffett Says Book Value Lost Its Relevance. “I Object!”
In the eyes of many, Book Value (BV), the metric traditionally favored by academicians as an anchor for the much revered albeit-lately-poorly-performing value factor, was sort-of pronounced dead on February 23, 2019.
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