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I am a private investor who used to work for a big Canadian bank as a derivative index trader. I have been writing a journal for myself for many years. From time to time I have shared these posts with colleagues and friends on my site, The Macro Tourist. ... more


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Vancouver, Casinos And Grandmothers
Canadian rates are already lower than in the United States. But the trend between the two countries is drifting nicely in the “right” direction. Again, no need to overthink it.
Did Powell Used To Be A Lot Smarter?
Although I have long poked fun (good naturedly of course!) at the forecasts for another 2008 Great Financial Crisis, I wanted to highlight an interesting development that has me scratching my head wondering if I am being too cavalier.
Skew Offers Great Opportunity
Getting long cheap gamma in out-of-the-money eurodollar puts is probably the best way to express the view that the American economy is not quite as late-cycle as the market suspects.
See You In The Machine
The wonderfully witty Jim Grant once said, “Successful investing is having everyone agree with you… later.”
Practitioner's Guide To MMT: Part 2
Right now with so little real growth, investors are overpaying for the few growth stocks that somehow manage to defy the muted expansion.
Practitioner's Guide To MMT: Part 1
Lately, there’s been a ton of talk about Modern Monetary Theory. Most of it is critical. MMT seems to evoke a visceral gagging reflex from most finance-types. However, I have been fascinated by the subject.
One Group Will Be Spectacularly Wrong
Amongst the professionals who manage money for a living, there seems to be a universal bearishness regarding the outlook for the stock market in the coming months.
Buy Equity Vol - But Not For The Reason You Think
Most equity traders are of the belief that volatility only rises in down markets. It’s easy to see why.
EC Preferreds: More Volatility And Less Return
Canadian preferred shares have a long history of offering investors a tax-advantaged fixed-income alternative to the traditional bond and stock market.
Wisdom From Carl The Janitor
The yield curve is inverting because the market is increasingly pricing in an easy Fed, but it might not be because of a collapsing economy, but rather a capitulating FOMC Board.
Trump: The First MMT President
At its heart, MMT claims a country with little external debt and control over its sovereign currency can never be financially constrained but instead is resource constrained.
EC The Triple B Problem
The trade is not to short investment grade bonds, but rather to short equities and play for a weakening economy due to weak capex spending. What’s scary is that the number of issuers in the investment grade market ranked BBB has never been higher.
Guess Who's Buying?
Let’s have a look at the gold trading over the past year. Last November, gold took off and ran from $1,180 to $1,320.
Bill Gross Succumbs To His Nemesis
According to Bill, the biggest problem with his fund’s performance is the confounding US/German 10-year yield spread.
Rebalancing: Canadian Edition
Portfolios need to be periodically rebalanced to ensure they maintain asset allocations dictated by the investor.
Everything You Wanted To Know About MMT (But Were Afraid To Ask)
For some of you, the topic of Modern Monetary Theory will be old hat. For those who are not familiar, I suggest you take some time to learn about this new branch of economic thinking, as it is coming to a screen near you.
1 to 16 of 196 Posts
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