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I am a private investor who used to work for a big Canadian bank as a derivative index trader. I have been writing a journal for myself for many years. From time to time I have shared these posts with colleagues and friends on my site, The Macro Tourist. ... more


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MOAS Version 0.96b
Fiscal expansion is coming. Everywhere. If some hard-money person tells you why it can't, just ignore them. The coronavirus will give governments throughout the world the flexibility to experiment with unorthodox monetary and fiscal policies.
All Eyes To The Fed
As market practitioners, too often we obsess with financial indicators when it comes to forecasting Federal Reserve policy.
The Other Dark Side
The American economy was screaming hot before the virus popped up.
Leveraged ETF Lesson
Leveraged ETFs often get a bad rap. They shouldn't. They do what they were designed to do remarkably well. The real confusion lies in investors' understanding of how the leverage is achieved.
"Green" Bubble Candidates
Bubbles always go way farther than most would imagine. I suspect this is early innings.
EC This Yen Decline Is Different
The world is slipping into a global slowdown (recession?) and America is attracting all the capital from investors who believe the US is somehow immune.
Euro Stoxx Breakout
In case you are worried about "chasing" the market up here, European stocks have been sucking wind for a long, long time.
The Coming Green Bubble
E.S.G. is the buzzword on all market practitioners' lips. Money has poured in over the last quarter. This is the hottest investment theme out there bar none.
M.O.A.S Is Coming
The coronavirus has shut down a large part of Asia. It will probably be the largest economic slowdown we have ever witnessed in such a short period of time. There is no denying that this situation is unprecedented.
Your Imagination Is Having Puppies
You might run across all sorts of scary charts highlighting a massively growing notional amount of Tesla shares sold short. Ignore that. It means little with the stock exploding in value.
This Ain't Even Close To 1999 Yet
Instead of stocks selling off hard, market participants have chosen to hammer economically sensitive commodities.
The World's Biggest Steepener
The issuance of ultra-long-dated bonds in the name of fighting climate change will give the deficit hawks the excuse they need to both help the economy while also ameliorating the life insurer problem. It's a win-win.
The Other Vanna
As the option market's size and the popularity of other volatility strategies has increased, it is becoming more of a self-reinforcing process with changes in VIX causing changes in the underlying asset.
EC A Cheap Value Play With A Catalyst?
When a commodity trades below the cost of the production, you know that can't continue forever.
Explaining OpEx Drift
For those who aren't aware, OpEx stands for Option Expiry. Over the past few years, there has been a pronounced tendency for markets to rise in the week in front of a big expiry.
A Magazine Picture Essay
Could the rally continue? For sure. We have crossed firmly into the speculative mode. Is this a great "investment opportunity?" Not a chance...
1 to 16 of 223 Posts
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