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What Is Warren Buffet Doing?
It is always interesting to see what Warren Buffet is doing with the cash of his Berkshire Hathaway company. In a release yesterday after the market closed, he announced a number of buys and sells from his portfolio of stocks.
Nonfarm Payrolls
The numbers for December are in and we lost 140,000 jobs. This tracks with the ADP employment report earlier in the week where we saw 123,000 private sector jobs disappear.
Claims For Unemployment Benefits
For three weeks in a row claims for unemployment benefits rose, peaking at 892,000 last week.
Negative Interest Rates
There has been a big push by central bankers around the world to force interest rates to below zero in recent years. In Europe and Japan rates indeed fell below zero.
The Slowing Recovery
This week, the all-important retail sales report for October was released. Though the growth continues it was very anemic at .3% from 1.6% in September. If you remove autos it was up .2% when September came in at 1.2%.
US Jobless Claims
With the continuing recovery from the economic shutdown, the weekly jobless claims report takes on significant importance. The report showed 751,000 unemployment claims were filed last week. That was down slightly from 758,000 the week before.
Housing Strength
This week the new home sales actually fell to 959,000 units from 994,000 the month before.
September CPI and PPI showed inflation well contained with CPI (Consumer Price Index) coming in at .2% as expected. Down from .4% the month before.
ISM Services
There are two parts of the ISM (Institute of Supply Management) report usually released a day or two apart.
Weekly Jobless Claims - Friday, September 25
Now the hard work begins, the weekly jobless claims that have been falling for weeks settled down to 870,000 last week from 866,000. The expectation was for a drop to 850,000. Anywhere in the range of these numbers should be considered poor.
Jobs Report - Friday, September 4
This morning the August official jobs report was released. There were 1.37 million jobs produced, down from last month’s 1.73 million.
New Jobless Claims
New jobless claims are reported every week and are a leading economic indicator. This week they fell to 963,000 under a million for the first time in months.
The Manufacturing Sector – (Markit Manufacturing PMI)
This week the Markit Manufacturing PMI came in at 50.9, the official ISM manufacturing index came in 54.2% and the Factory orders reports came in rising 6.2%.
Peak Of Contraction – The IHS Market Report
Expect a slow recovery and maybe by the fourth quarter growth will return.
Guessing On Market Direction
There has been a constant barrage of pundits all predicting where the stock market is going to go. There is no consensus.
Manufacturing – The ISM Report
The ISM report for March was released. Although it was bad, it was better than expected.
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