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Peak Of Contraction – The IHS Market Report
Expect a slow recovery and maybe by the fourth quarter growth will return.
Guessing On Market Direction
There has been a constant barrage of pundits all predicting where the stock market is going to go. There is no consensus.
Manufacturing – The ISM Report
The ISM report for March was released. Although it was bad, it was better than expected.
Leading Economic Indicators
These indicators are supposed to tell us what the economy is going to look like going forward. In today’s environment, with coronavirus panic, the leading indicators are not worth much.
Little economic data was released this week, but we did have inflation news.
The Leading Economic Indicators
Every month a report called the Leading Economic Indicators is released and for January, reported this week, it was up .8% from shrinking .3% the month before.
Jobs For January
The official jobs report was released this morning. There were 225,000 new jobs which were much more than the expected at 165,000.
Durable Goods
A very disappointing number for Durable goods sales for November and a strong revision downward for October made for some concerns for the economy.
New Home Sales
New home sales are up 32% from a year ago with about 700,000 new units for three months in a row.
The Consumer
For August, income rose.4% but spending only .1%. If this pattern continues it will show that the consumer is getting concerned and has ratcheted down spending.
The Dollar
President Trump has been and continues to be upset with the Fed because the dollar continues to gain strength against other currencies, and he feels the Fed should react.
Home Prices
Even though the Case-Shiller report provides data that is two months old it is still instructive as a barometer of the housing market.
Saving For Retirement
Few understand that there will be unexpected costs and that there will be a large need for money to pay for out-of-pocket medical procedures not covered by medical in our retirement years. But there is a simple answer...
Bonds Vs Stocks
As bond yields fall stocks look better as an investment despite the volatility.
The Economy
The Leading Economic Indicators Report came out for June and it fell to -.3%. It has been falling for a number of months but this is the first time it fell below zero.
When Will The Next Recession Hit The United States?
This is a question pundits and economists would love to answer and most have an opinion. Someone will be right as the opinions vary from starting this year to within the next five years. The truth is, no one really knows.
1 to 16 of 42 Posts
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