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Labor Strikes In China
7 years ago

Well, on its own the article does not provide any insight on how you should invest. I am interested, though, in the question of how much regionalism there is in modern-day China. Historically China has been prone to a lot of regionalism, and Guangdong in particular has been something of a revolutionary region from the point of view of many Chinese central governments. That was why I was interested to find so many regional patterns - including some core-periphery regional patterns - in the GDP-adjusted graph of large labour strikes in recent years. And especially to find Guangdong way out in front in this category, with twice as many GDP-adjusted large labour strikes of any other province, and about five times the national average. In general, the more regionalism there is within China, the greater pressure there is on a central government to avoid liberalizing the Chinese economy. Those who understood that China was a lot less of a monolithic country that it was often portrayed were less likely to have been suckered by the China and BRICs investment bubbles of a few years ago.

The Physics Of Energy And The Economy
7 years ago

Hi Gail, very interesting article, thanks for sharing it! I wrote an article about the physics of the economy too, if you're interested, but in a very different way from how you did:

The Other Greek Economy
7 years ago

Thank you!! Much appreciated, i'm very glad you guys liked the article.

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