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I am a full time independent Professional Trader specializing in valuing Options, Stocks, and Futures.
I do not speculate and I never sell naked options. 
I specialize in finding trades using Fundamental Analysis and I manage those trades using Technical Analysis.
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VIX Term Structure
In this video, I discuss how to analyze the Volatility Index and how this indicator can be used as a tool for both short-term and long-term analysis.
Gold Investing: Gold And Inflation Expectations
Pablo shares long term analysis on markets: Gold and Tips.
Futures Spread Trading
Spread trading and outright trading in S&P 500 futures, gold futures, silver futures, and a copper futures trade idea.
Bonds VS Stocks - Yield Curve Trading
Pablo discusses the relationship between the yield curve in bond futures and the overall stock market.
Gold And Silver Volatility Trade - Implied Volatility Gold
The chaos in the gold and silver markets is being caused by the 65,000,000 of silver that in one day needs to be delivered. Gold Futures, Palladium and Platinum futures are seeing similar behavior as well.
Futures Spread Trading Example
How to seize the opportunities in Futures spread trading?
Silver And Gold - Chaos In Gold And Silver Markets
The chaos in the gold and silver markets is being caused by the 65,000,000 of silver that in one day needs to be delivered.
Fed Offers $20 Billion In New 20-Year Bonds
The U.S Treasury will sell 20-year bonds for the first time on May 20 - traders risking money in the treasury markets and yield curve, need to be aware of volatility risks at the cheapest-to-deliver switches.
Trading 30 Year Treasury Bond Futures
Here is how to trade 30 years Treasury Bond Futures.
How To Trade The Yield Curve - TLT Options Trading Strategies
Right now, TLT​ Futures, TLT futures are the same as /ZB futures (30-year bond futures) are expensive relative to the other points of the futures that are traded on the yield curve.
Treasury Bond Futures - Fed To Inject $1.5 Trillion To Save Markets
Treasury Bond Futures and their implied volatility are analyzed, as Jonathan Rose and Pablo Lucena discuss managing volatility and bond volatility in the futures market.
How To Trade Interest Rate Futures | Trading Indicator
Jonathan Rose teaches how to trade interest rate futures using Bond Edge, a new tool built for Thinkorswim charting system. The Bond Edge Thinkorswim Indicator makes trading bond futures or interest rate futures easier than ever.
Thinkorswim Unusual Options Activity - Stock Option Trading Lesson
Jonathan Rose, owner of Masters in Trading, teaches traders the correct way to trade bond futures.
FV Stock Market 2020; S&P 500 Expected Range; S&P 500 Futures Expected Move
What is the expected move in the S&P 500 futures?
How To Find And Trade Unusual Options Activity
What is the correct way to trade bond futures and how to trade options?
Risk Management: How To Trade A Balanced Stock Options Portfolio
In this educational video we discuss balancing your trading account because believe it or not, there is such a thing as making too much money too fast.
1 to 16 of 130 Posts
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