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Jesse is an economic analyst and Forbes columnist who was recognized by the London Times for warning about the U.S. housing and credit bubble as a university student. Jesse continues to warn about dangerous post-2009 economic bubbles and has over 100,000 social media followers. Jesse graduated ... more

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Why The Fed Keeps Propping Up The Market
By backstopping the market, the Fed is inadvertently enabling and encouraging an unprecedented buildup of risk that will eventually overwhelm its ability to step in and rescue the market, which is when the ultimate crash will occur.
Commercial & Industrial Loans Are In The Danger Zone
Commercial and industrial (C&I) loan activity is watched closely by economists to gauge the strength of the economy and estimate where we are in the business cycle.
Turkey’s Recession And Credit Bust Just Started
For the first time since the Global Financial Crisis, Turkey has officially entered a recession after GDP fell 2.4% in the fourth quarter of 2018 and 1.6% in the third quarter.
The Global Billionaire Population Has Doubled In Five Years Thanks To Bubbles
The global wealth boom is not a healthy phenomenon because it’s a side effect of “money bubble” created by central banks that are flooding the world with liquidity in a desperate attempt to prop up the global economy.
Risks Are Rising In Global Corporate Debt
Outstanding global corporate debt has surged over the past decade in both advanced and emerging economies alike.
The U.S. Federal Debt Burden Has Never Been This High Before A Recession
As the current economic cycle becomes increasingly long in the tooth and macroeconomic and earnings data deteriorate, it is time to start thinking about the next recession.
China Continues To Pile Debt On Top Of More Debt
China’s aggressive credit expansion is a major contributor to the global debt explosion over the past couple of decades. Global debt has increased by $150 trillion since 2003 and $70 trillion since 2008.
Trump Is Praising The Stock Market Again (Facepalm!)
The reality is that the stock market boom is really driven by debt and central bank intervention, and is now very overpriced, which is the very definition of a bubble.
Ballooning Global Debt Will Undo Poverty Improvements
Unfortunately, the global economy is heading toward a point of total debt saturation, which is the inevitable result of debt growing faster than the underlying economy.
Delinquencies Are Surging As $1.6 Trillion Student Loan Bubble Inflates
U.S. student-loan delinquencies surged in 2018, hitting a record $166.4 billion in the fourth quarter.
Charlie Munger: U.S. Rich-Poor Gap Will Bridge Itself
U.S. household wealth is currently experiencing an unsustainable bubble that is the main reason for growing U.S. wealth and income inequality. This bubble is largely driven by bubbles in stocks and bonds.
Surge In Delinquencies Threatens U.S. Auto Loan Bubble
It’s only a matter of time before the U.S. auto sales and loan bubble experiences a serious bust. Rising delinquencies are just the start, I’m afraid.
America’s 1% Hasn’t Had This Much Wealth Since The Roaring Twenties
Growing U.S. wealth inequality is the byproduct of an unsustainable bubble in asset prices such as stocks and bonds.
The Market Is Caught In A Tug Of War
Ever since the market plunge and sharp reversal late last year, the financial markets have been trading in a truly bizarre, confusing manner.
Is A Descending Triangle Pattern Forming In Bitcoin?
Descending triangles are continuation patterns that lead to further bearish action upon a successful break to the downside. The key levels to watch are the horizontal floor or support of the triangle pattern as well as $3,000.
China Is Unlikely To Become The World’s Largest Economy Anytime Soon
Economic stagnation or slowdown in China is the least of our worries. A much serious problem would be a full-blown popping of their credit and asset bubble (like Japan in the early-1990s).
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