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Jesse is an economic analyst and Forbes columnist who was recognized by the London Times for warning about the U.S. housing and credit bubble as a university student. Jesse continues to warn about dangerous post-2009 economic bubbles and has over 100,000 social media followers. Jesse graduated ... more


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Trump Praising Today’s Stock Market Would Be Like Bush Praising Housing In 2006
A responsible leader who genuinely cares about the long-term future of the country would have distanced himself from this bubble and done everything in his power to try to defuse it to prevent it from doing more damage when it ultimately bursts.
Why Interest Rates Don’t Need To Rise Much To Cause Recessions Now
We can’t expect to have a full-decade of unprecedented central bank stimulus without a tremendous bust. Central banks can only create temporary economic booms by borrowing from the future rather than sustainable, organic economic booms.
Trying To Prevent Recessions Leads To Even Worse Recessions
Because the current economic cycle has lasted for an unusually long time due to the actions of central banks, an unprecedented amount of malinvestment has built up globally that needs to be cleansed in the coming recession.
Why The Odds Of A Recession In The Next Year Are Even Higher Than You Think
Nobody should be complacent in these times when recession risk is so high, especially because the coming recession is likely to set off a global cluster bomb of dangerous bubbles and debt.
Here Are The Recession Warning Signs To Watch
While several reliable indicators are giving recession warnings and are worth paying attention to, the U.S. economy is still in the early stages of slowing down and rolling over into a recession.
Why You Should Not Underestimate The Severity Of The Coming Recession
The vast majority of economists and commentators are assuming that the coming recession will be a garden-variety recession – a mere ebb of the business cycle.
The Trade War Is Threatening To Pop Hong Kong’s Property Bubble
The escalating trade war between the U.S. and China is creating numerous unintended consequences around the world and this conflict may only be in its infancy.
The Automobile Bust Is Upon Us
When central banks like the Fed hold interest rates at ultra-low levels, they create economic booms by pulling demand forward. Unfortunately, these kinds of economic booms always end in a bust.
Why Tesla At $10 Is Not Far-Fetched
As much as Tesla has been struggling, those struggles are occurring during the largest wealth bubble that has ever occurred in America’s history. If Tesla can’t make it in this frothy environment, they’re not going to make it period.
How Tech Unicorns Are Just Like China’s "Ghost Cities"
Since the Great Recession, there has been an explosion of interest and activity in the tech startup arena.
Record-Setting Art Sales Confirm Global Liquidity Bubble
When the art market goes ballistic, that is typically a sign that the economic cycle is in its latter stages.
The New Silicon Valley Stock Exchange Is A Warning Sign For The Startup Bubble
For the last several years, there has been a tremendous amount of activity and hype in the tech startup arena. In addition to the tens of thousands of startups that been founded in recent years, there are over three-hundred new “unicorn” startups.
Trump Is Asking For A 1999-Style Stock Market Melt-Up
If Trump theoretically got his way and the Fed cut rates by 1%, the stock market would most likely launch a powerful 1999-style melt-up, which would ultimately culminate in an equally devastating bust like we experienced in the early-2000s.
EC Beware Of The ‘Permanently High Plateau’ Fallacy
To believe that the Fed has finally tamed the business cycle and can create sustainable economic growth without busts is extremely naive and will be disproven in the not-too-distant future.
Here’s The Painful Irony Of The FIRE Early-Retirement Movement
To be successful, FIRE movement members should look at the big picture and avoid being penny wise, but pound foolish.
Contrarian Alert: “Is Inflation Dead?” Makes The Cover Of Businessweek
The people who are currently scratching their heads about low inflation while ignoring the massive asset bubbles that are growing right under their noses are the same ones who didn’t see the housing bubble’s warning signs in the mid-2000s.
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