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As Head of Global Investment Research for Alhambra Investment Partners, Jeff spearheads the investment research efforts while providing close contact to Alhambra’s client base.
Jeff joined Atlantic Capital Management, Inc., in Buffalo, NY, as an intern while completing studies at ... more


No Doubt, There Really Will Be Two “L’s” In Payrolls
The payroll report for November 2020, like those of the previous four months, have only further corroborated and confirmed the untimely death of the recovery.
EC Don’t Really Need ‘Em, Few More Nails Anyway
When comparing comebacks from outsized economic contractions, the best level in 2020 was entirely too equal to the best from 2010-11 – which didn’t equate to recovery then, either.
Vaccines And Senate Subsidies, Ls And Ks
Oil’s up modestly, as are stocks and bond yields. Why aren’t they up so much more? It seems there’s a bit more pause this time around. Given past hysterias, this one almost doesn’t qualify.
Your K Is Little More Than The Identifying Details Of This 2nd L
ADP reports today that, for the fifth consecutive month, the labor market recovery everyone had hoped for has instead been transformed into something else entirely.
There Have Actually Been Some Jobs Saved, Only In Place Of Recovery
The ISM reported a small decline in its manufacturing PMI yesterday.
Saving Jobs Won’t Save Us From Jaws
When the ECB went back to QE in September last year with the whole global economy facing another “unexpected” downturn, it was a ridiculous proposition.


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