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As Head of Global Investment Research for Alhambra Investment Partners, Jeff spearheads the investment research efforts while providing close contact to Alhambra’s client base.
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Leave It To Eurodollar
In the parlance of wannabe technocrat-speak, the Fed’s “reaction function” has supposedly been categorically changed even from last year.
Eurodollar Futures Interpretation Is Everywhere
Markets have moved on from “if” and “when” to now “how bad.”
Demand Down, Supply Down, Ugly Up
While the rest of the world only now begins to make peace with recession, we’ve seen it coming the whole way. And now what we see from here is…even worse.
Getting Whipped Will Really Hurt
There are now regional Fed services surveys producing services indices to go along with the manufacturing sentiment stuff.
Nasty Number Five, Not Hawk Hiking CBs
From all around the world, data in every corner, market prices all over the place, it’s globally synchronized Euro$ #5 that’s just now starting to get nasty.
Widespread Sentiment Declines, Particularly Manufacturing New Orders
It’s an ominous though hardly surprising development. This has been shocking for those involved.
The Biggest Risk, No Surprise, Collateral
The front bill is nowhere close to the official RRP “floor” which can only mean one thing: collateral shortage, a large and persistent liquidity premium.
It’s Starting To Dawn On People There Is No Global Economic Dawn Lit By China
For a very brief moment, as Shanghai reopened, there were thoughts of recovery from China spreading well beyond. It would be, the mainstream dreamed like it once had been.
The Everything Data’s (Z1) Verdict: Not Inflation, Only More Of The Same
The Federal Reserve’s comprehensive Z1 statistics were released a few weeks ago, and what they show is the same thing they always show.
EC Everything Hitting The Global (Eurodollar) Wall
The global economy is clearly hitting the wall of the supply shock and reacting just as markets and curves have been pricing for well over a year.
Sorry Chairman Powell, Even FRBNY Now Has To Forecast Serious And Seriously Rising Recession Risk
At his last press conference, Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell made a bunch of unsubstantiated claims, none of which were called out or even questioned by the assembled reporters.
Complete Catalog Of Chaos And Carnage
What an incredible day across the entire marketplace. And by incredible I mean nothing good at all, albeit predictable.
China Opens Up And Not Much Else
There’s no bigger recession risk-ignition than over on the other side of the Pacific.
A Triple Dose Of The Real Fed
Today was a wonder to behold, Jay Powell performing at his most Volcker-esque. The biggest single-meeting rate hike since ’94, a triple-dipper 75 bps, all because the Fed thinks the US economy most threatened by inflation. Total seventies vibes.
Globally Synchronized Last October, Not Some Far-Distant Future Risk
With the Fed barely evolving from full-on – so it couldn’t have been forward guidance – something else must explain the fact we keep finding October 2021 (as we will March 2022) all over the place.
It’s Not Nothing, It’s Everything (Including Crypto)
Markets got aggressive long before the FOMC did. Everything and I mean everything, has been trending the other way.
1 to 16 of 3102 Posts
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