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As Head of Global Investment Research for Alhambra Investment Partners, Jeff spearheads the investment research efforts while providing close contact to Alhambra’s client base.
Jeff joined Atlantic Capital Management, Inc., in Buffalo, NY, as an intern while completing studies at ... more


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A River In Egypt
No, no, no. Everything is awesome. The denials have spread faster than the market prices have changed.
COT Blue: The Big Warning Renewed
It seems like a very long time ago now, back on March 1 the UST curve un-inverted. While most have been focused on the 2s10s, it was the middle front of the yield curve which has been out in front signaling growing distress (liquidity hedging).
Same Planet, Very Different Worlds
This is really getting out of hand. For the fourth day in a row, unofficially, effective federal funds or EFF remains above IOER.
Downturn The Middle
You want to save Europe? You can start by ending all the blatantly dishonest boom nonsense. Too late for that; the boom has ended before it ever got started.
Downturn Is Everywhere
Europe is a total mess, no one can (honestly) argue otherwise. But that’s just Germany and France, right?
EC Downturn Is Here
Confirmation that it wasn’t a shallow Rhine and emissions regulations. Something big is going on in Europe, Germany first.
The Real End Of The Bond Market
QE’s and bank reserves didn’t accomplish a thing. In light of recent EFF and repo events, officials are turning to more bank reserves.
The Joke Finally Broke
If officials can’t control federal funds with their various schemes that sound impressive, like IOER (the joke), there would be no way to tell if effective monetary conditions are loose or tight; is policy helpful, or irrelevant?
February 2019 PBOC/RMB Update
This will serve mostly as an update to what is going on inside the Chinese monetary system. The PBOC’s balance sheet numbers for February 2019 are exactly what we’ve come to expect.
Why The Doves? FOMC Projections Begin To Sense Euro$ #4
Officials at the Federal Reserve have already announced they are undertaking an exhaustive review of their policies. Small wonder, the way things are turning out in 2019.
Where Doves Are Dreaded
If “rate hikes” and QT are the world’s big problem in 2019, then why is the FOMC announcing the end of “rate hikes” and QT failing to have a positive effect? The answer will surprise most people.
Barbarians Revisited
It’s as if 2008 was just some minor market fluctuation, not worth material consideration, some trivial historical curiosity like the Crash of ’87. Instead, this is all the fault, supposedly, of human beings reverting to their mean.
Slump, Downturn, Recession; All Add Up To Sideways
What these persistent downturns mean is a world without actual growth. That’s Japan. And now it’s everyone.
Negative TIC Is A Rare Level Of Negative
Even on a six-month cumulative basis, it is rare to find a negative number. These are reserved for the big ones, the market-shaking events that either perform an inflection or confirm one as it reaches pretty hard depths.
Suddenly Stuck On Sideways: Banks, Not Babies Nor Bubbles
Economic growth is not population growth. At least it wasn’t until something took the first part away. In Japan, that was 1990. The rest of the world, 2007. It wasn’t really real estate bubbles, nor babies.
Chart(s) Of The Week: Reviewing Curve Warnings
Since Christmas Eve, US market indices, in particular, have been moving almost straight up, undeterred by economics. Nothing can seem to dent the comfort of this Fed pause and global renewed dovishness.
1 to 16 of 1929 Posts
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