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James Altucher is a successful entrepreneur, chess master, investor and writer. He has started and run more than 20 companies, including StockPickr, and sold several of those businesses for large exits. He has published 11 books, and is a frequent contributor to publications including The ... more


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The One Habit That Keeps 99% Of People From Getting Rich
I’m the author of the WSJ Bestseller, “The Power of No!” But I am the worst at saying “No”.
10 Things I Learned From Wyclef, Greatest Rapper Of All Time
I met with Wyclef Jean, the main rapper for the Fugees and I had some questions for him on life and success. Here's what I learned...
Why The Stock Market Dropped: My Two Cents
The stock market (the Dow Jones index) fell 1400 points in the past few days and I started to see the usual “Dr. Doom” style pundits begin forecasting doom and gloom.
A Message To My Younger Self
There’s nothing wrong with regret. There’s nothing wrong with wondering how your life would have been different and better. This is what I wish I had known about money and more...
The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received
My podcast producer, Steve Cohen, only speaks in quotes. But one of these quotes was the advice I've ever received...
The Most Amazing Story About Bitcoin You’ve Ever Heard
Supply is fixed or growing slowly. And demand is rising, so the biggest buyers (and the retail buyers) have to buy on the exchanges now. That's why bitcoin has gone up from $6,000 to $8,200 in the past few weeks alone.
Do Self-Help Books Really Work? My Answer…
I don’t write self-help books. Most of my books are about how pathetic I’ve been, how pathetic I am, how pathetic I will be. Some of the things I do are insane. But insanity makes for a good story.
What I Learned From The Best Networker In The World
This man has a close network of 10,000 people that he keeps in close contact with. He was going places. Unfortunately I ruined his life.
Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin
The underlying technology of Bitcoin which involves heavy amounts of cryptography, financial know-how, and basics of contract law, plus the “blockchain” have 100s of use-cases that we have only just begun to play with.
Here’s 8 Things You Need To Know About Crypto-Currencies
Cryptocurrencies benefit from two 5000-year-old trends. There is explicit value backing a cryptocurrency, unlike a dollar bill, or even a bar of gold (which gold bugs will hate to hear). Plus, I'm giving away 1 bitcoin ($4,800) to a lucky reader.
The ABC’s Of Bitcoin And Everything You Need To Know About “Forks”
If you can identify the Cryptocurrencies that are legitimate and not scams, then you can make a lot of money playing in volatile situations in Cryptocurrencies.
The 5 Biggest Assumptions I’ve Made About Business
After starting about 20 businesses and being invested in about 30 more at this moment, I’ve probably seen most of what you can see. That said, entrepreneurship and OWNERSHIP are the best ways to make money in today’s world.
The Best Way To Learn About Stocks
How to find the the best way to invest in stocks?
Two Decisions That Can Save You Millions
What are the most useful money investment and saving tricks?
How Do I Develop An Entrepreneur Mindset?
99% of businesses don’t live off of “VC welfare” (i.e. they don’t have investors who will subsidize their many failures). It is better to start a business that was profitable right away.
Everything I Learned About Investing I Learned While Crying
If I could do one thing smart, why not everything? Positive thinking is a very dangerous drug.
1 to 16 of 51 Posts
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