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James Altucher is a successful entrepreneur, chess master, investor and writer. He has started and run more than 20 companies, including StockPickr, and sold several of those businesses for large exits. He has published 11 books, and is a frequent contributor to publications including The ... more


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Howard Marks: Billionaire Investor On Market Cycles (How To Survive The Bad Days & Win The Good Days)
Howard Marks is #374 on the Forbes richest list. He co-founded Oaktree Capital Management and is worth $1.9 billion. Hear my discussion with him on how best to invest.
Interview: Noam Dworman On The Risk Of Censorship
I talk to Noam Dworman, owner of the Comedy Cellar about censorship, starting and running a small family-owned business, freedom of information vs. freedom of speech (which is more important?) and... Louis C.K.'s return to the stage.
Interview With William Shatner: Live Long And… Lessons From An Intergalactic Legend
Captain Kirk has always been one of my heroes. So when Steve told me I'd get to interview the intergalactic legend, I immediately teleported back to my 11-year-old self. So I brought William Shatner on and asked him everything...
Interview: Do Your Skills Measure Up? I Ask LinkedIn's Dan Roth
Dan Roth is the Editor and Chief at LinkedIn. We talk about using LinkedIn to reinvent yourself, skill development, how to become a published writer, etc. Dan also knows the most obscure facts about people and the workplace that you'll want to hear.
Sir Richard Branson: How He Found A Gap In The Market And Became The Billionaire Founder Of Virgin
“A business is simply coming up with an idea that’s going to make people’s lives better,” he said.
Nassim Taleb: Why You Should Embrace Uncertainty
In this podcast, I interview Nassim Taleb, talking about technology and how different systems handle disorder.
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