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My name is Jack Turner and I am running a website that helps traders close the trades in the money. I am trying to help as many people as possible. That's what brought me here. For more information, please visit my website: TheBinaryAdvisor.

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Oil Proves To Be A Drag On The FTSE 100
The FTSE 100 started the trading session in the green. However, as the day progressed, the index started to slide. Ultimately, the declines can largely be attributed to blues in the oil market as oil supply glut concerns proved to be center stage.
ABCD Strategy – Tried And Tested
The ABCD pattern is another handy-dandy strategy which is an excellent indicator to understand the connection between time and prices. This strategy is a good helper for beginners and advanced traders.
The Euro Gains As Political Concerns Wane
For some time now, political concerns have been causing weakness in the euro. However, for the first time in 3 years, this weakness is fading as political concerns wane.
Watch The Federal Reserve For Clues As To Where Gold Is Headed
If you’re into trading gold binary options, now is the time to start paying close attention to the commodity.
Where To Next For Apple?
AAPL is a stock that has led to quite a bit of conversation as of late. In fact, the stock is becoming the ultimate battle between the bulls and bears, fueling volatility and creating opportunities at every turn.
CAC 40 Takes An End-Of-Day Dive On Oil News
The CAC 40 looked like it was going to have a strong day in the market on Wednesday. However, toward the end of the day, two big stories with regard to oil broke, dragging the index downward.
A Practical Guide To Trading With Stochastic Oscillator
The stochastic oscillator is comprising the difference between a closing price and the high and low price during the same period.
Exxon Mobil Acquires Exploration Acreage
Exxon Mobil had a relatively strong day in the market on Monday. While political turmoil led to declines in oil and declines among competing companies, Exxon Mobil had good news of their own that dampened the market-wide effects of oil declines.
Oil Edges Up: What Binary Options Traders Should Watch For
Binary options traders should be keeping a close eye on oil as the commodity is likely to present several opportunities ahead. However, if you want to turn these opportunities into a profit, it’s going to be important to follow the news.
The Dow Jones Continues To Climb As Trump’s Budget Plan Is Questioned
The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a favorite index among many binary options traders, and for good reason. It is the flagship index of the largest economy in the world, the United States.
Wal-Mart E-Commerce Sales Paint A Pretty Picture
Will free shipping help the brick-and-mortar giant compete with Amazon?
The USD Continues To Fall As Trump Pushes The Currency Down Further
The USD had an incredibly rough week in the market the week before last on mixed retail reports and little hope of gains offered by the Federal Reserve.
FTSE 100 Takes A Dive On Trump Dilemma
There is a new scandal breaking with regard to the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Unfortunately, this is sending the FTSE 100 into the red, causing the end of a record-breaking streak in the stock market index.
Poor Retail Earnings In The US Leads To Gains In Gold
We’ll talk about what we’re seeing from the United States retail sector, why the news is leading to gains in gold, and what binary options traders should be watching for ahead.
McDonald’s Tries Something New To Bring Back Old Customers
McDonald’s has been making up for losses seen last year since the beginning of this year. The declines were ultimately the result of the fact that the company has lost quite a few clients in the past.
The USD Falls On Mixed Retail Data, Fed Offers Little Hope Of Gains
The United States Dollar had an incredibly rough time in the market on Friday, and many believe that we’re going to see more declines. The reason for the fall is a relatively simple one.
1 to 16 of 83 Posts
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