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Investing Whisperer ( is an online subscription-based service focused on small and mid-cap stocks. We buy every stock alongside our subscribers so they know we have skin-in-the-game. We are all investors here. Our loose team of ... more

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Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth? Look At SmileDirectClub
SmileDirectClub (Nasdaq: SDC) is a direct-to-consumer business model that provides a lost-cost alternative to braces—no orthodontists. You bypass the dentist. But is this a good investment?
The Junior Mining Market Is Getting Hot - So Why Use Warrants In Financings?
Warrants can be an investors’ sweet dream, and an issuing company’s worst nightmare. Warrants are basically like stock options given to investors on a financing–and in the high risk junior mining, game they are used a lot.
As The Market Collapses – Think… Who Makes Money All The Time: Banks
The best “blue chip” value in the market today can arguably be found in the biggest American banks.
Venzee CEO Says His 5 Cent Stock Is A Giant Killer
If Venzee Technologies' new CEO is to be believed, this under appreciated stock could be worth a closer look...
Are Ridesharing Stocks About To LYFT Off?
UBER and LYFT are two disruptive leaders, like Facebook, that also stumbled badly in the public markets after their IPO. They bled cash profusely in their first couple quarterly reports. But clearly, things are changing.
Why Is This Stock Going Up When Financials Are Down
Stereotaxis is a medical device company with flat to declining revenue…yet the stock has quadrupled in 2019. The stock has more to do with a competitive takeover at 60x sales than its own financials.
Is The Turnaround At Neos Therapeutics All Done?
NEOS is a junior biotech that is recuperating from a near-debt, er, near-death experience, from too much debt.
1 to 7 of 7 Posts