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Inneractive is a global programmatic ad stack for mobile publishers focusing on video, hyper-local and in-app search advertising.
Inneractive is a transparent SSP and yield optimization platform adopted by new media publishers and used by top DSPs, and premium networks.

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Thoughts On The Verizon/AOL Deal
Verizon’s acquisition of AOL puts an end to a long-speculated rumors of a potential merger with Yahoo or a Verizon exit.
The Future Of Native Mobile Advertising By Some Of The Industry Leaders
By now, we have all heard about the buzz. Native advertising is the new black. Everyone is talking about it, everyone is excited about it, but how many people really understand it?
Adtech Is Not For You
Without ads, we wouldn’t have Facebook or twitter or youtube, we wouldn’t have the power to search whatever we want or get same-day delivery to our house for free. Without ads we would have probably been stuck with 2 Television channels (NPR or channel 1) and a very poor online content variety.
Mobile Once Again Following In The Footsteps Of The Web With Deep Linking And “App Constellations”
There has been something very interesting happening in the mobile space for months now and very few people have noticed it.
Consumer Reports Addresses The Famous IPhone 6 Plus Bend Gate. Can We Move On Now?
Another year, another iPhone launch, another scandal about a fundamental flaw in the new phone that goes viral on social media, then turns out to be nonsense.
EBay Is Bringing Back In-App Mobile Ads
Remember how EBay was testing out mobile ads back in 2012, and ultimately decided against them? Their execs felt that the revenue stream that came out of the in-app ads wasn’t worth the hassle behind-the-scenes, so the ads were removed.
Why Facebook’s Messenger App Isn’t Evil
Ah, the Facebook Messenger App. The app everybody apparently loves to hate. Well, why not, right? Facebook is forcing everyone to adopt the standalone mobile messaging app, so it’s natural to assume that it would invade our privacy.
The Reason Why Facebook Is Swimming In Money
The worlds largest social network is making headlines once again. No, this doesn’t have anything to do with acquisitions for Now we’re talking money.
Mobile Ads Are Stealing The Spotlight From TV, Social, And More
In our lifetimes, we have witnessed many shifts in ad spending. The switch from analog to digital happened really quickly, but it didn’t stop there.
The European Commission Doesn’t Want Facebook To Play Monopoly
Facebook may have a little something to worry about, because the European Commission is on their tail.
Bye-Bye PC: Mobile App Usage Is At An All Time High
According to the latest report from ComScore, the time spent on mobile apps is at an all-time high in the US, and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.
Twitter Is Finally Beefing Up Their Mobile Advertising Game
This past April, Twitter talked about allowing companies to advertise mobile apps within the Twitter mobile app timeline.
The Amazon Fire Phone Is Here, But It’s More Like Lukewarm And Won’t Do Very Well
So it really happened. After a very long period of rumors, Amazon finally made its mobile debut.
Some Insights On The Mobile Monetization Space
Taking a deep look at where this market, the mobile monetization market is headed, I have some thoughts I wanted to share with you…
Facebook Is One Step Closer To Taking Over The World With Pryte
I hope you’re keeping notes on Facebook’s acquisitions – cause here’s a new one! The social network giant freshly acquired Pryte.
If You Think It Is Too Late To Innovate In Mobile, You Are Wrong. Here’s Proof!
We have all heard people say it. “They missed the boat on mobile”, “It is a good product but Apple and Samsung own the market.”, or “What else can possibly be done with cellphones? We have reached the maximum level of innovation possible!”
1 to 16 of 37 Posts
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