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Inneractive is a global programmatic ad stack for mobile publishers focusing on video, hyper-local and in-app search advertising.
Inneractive is a transparent SSP and yield optimization platform adopted by new media publishers and used by top DSPs, and premium networks.

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Consumer Reports Addresses The Famous IPhone 6 Plus Bend Gate. Can We Move On Now?
Another year, another iPhone launch, another scandal about a fundamental flaw in the new phone that goes viral on social media, then turns out to be nonsense.
This Kia Super Bowl Commercial Is Plain Old Good Advertising.
Over the years, there have been some pretty fantastic Super Bowl commercials.
This IPhone 6 Video Is Surely Fake, But No Less Beautiful
The iPhone 6 rumors have been heating up lately and some things, at least if we take the tech press seriously, are pretty sure to be true. This is what the phone will likely look like.
What To Expect From The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5
The leading mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung is at it again. The Galaxy S5 is expected to be announced in the upcoming Mobile World Congress and who better to tell us what to expect than Marques Brownlee?
1 to 4 of 4 Posts