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I've been working as a writer, editor, and website manager on several large financial websites, including Phil's Stock World. My graduate education includes pharmacology, pathology, and law school. I've practiced law in ... more


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Divisive Economics
Let’s step away from politics…. till the end of this missive… and look instead at economics.
You’re Not Crazy
The resignation of General Mattis and the new bear market in stocks both have a silver lining. They’re the first signs in a while that you’re not crazy.
The State Of The US Solar Industry: 5 Questions Answered
Trump announced plans to impose punitive duties on solar panels imported from abroad. To illustrate what’s at stake, energy scholar Joshua Rhodes provides some context on the U.S. solar industry and its opportunities and challenges.
E Interview With Long Island Iced Tea Corp.
I had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Phil Thomas, CEO of Long Island Iced Tea Corp., about the company and where it is headed.
Peering Into The Future: Interview With Rick Neaton
Rick focuses on important trends in technology and on how these trends will generate winners and losers.
This Year's Market Turmoil - It Happens All The Time
The truth is that double-digit drawdowns from prior highs in the S&P 500 are not an anomaly – they are the norm, statistically speaking. In fact, this happens during 2 out of every 3 years.
A Market Of Bears
We’re already in a bear market, but don’t panic. Stock markets go up, down and sideways. The declines can be minor (corrections) or severe (bears!).
Treasury To SEC: You’re Flying Blind On The $4.1 Trillion Hedge Fund Risks
The most recent Office of Financial Research report provides the stunning news that private hedge funds in the U.S. now control one-third of all assets under management in the financial services industry – a stunning $4.1 trillion.
JPMorgan Chase Closes At All-Time High – As Financial Crises Sprout Like ’08
From the looks of JPMorgan’s share price, one would think the financial world is bathing in a sea of tranquility rather than experiencing crashing commodity prices, tremors in the Eurozone, and more.
Top 10 Reasons Why Zillow Breaks $40
We first reported on the company in 2012. Three years later, with no real profits to show and endless amounts of insider selling, plus round after round of lowered guidance, Citron believes that this sucker is finally ready to break,
Correlations Aren’t Constant
The trouble with evaluating the success or failure of an asset allocation model over a short period of time – or in real-time – is that one of the primary benefits to the strategy involves non-correlated assets – and correlations aren’t constant.
Why Greece Must Leave
Greece should get out of the EC as fast as it can- all member countries should, especially the poorer ones.
Baxter’s Spinoff
Baxter International is splitting off its BioSciences division into a new company called Baxalta. Shares of Baxalta will be given as a tax-free dividend, in the ratio of one to one.
How Dispersion Stole The Alpha
Why have stock-picking fund managers had it so tough over the last few years? A lot of people would say high correlation in the stock market, but that’s only part of the story.
5 Truly Crazy Assertions In The Jamie Dimon Cover Story In Barron’s
Pam Martens writes, "Barron’s should have published its gushing cover story on Jamie Dimon’s stewardship of JPMorgan today – as an April Fool’s joke."
Contrarians, Take Note Of Soybean Weakness
With soybean prices falling off a cliff, can SOYB help find a turnaround trade?
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