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E Market Is At Inflection Point
Small cap leadership also confirms investors are trading “risk-on”. The small cap Russell 2000 is disproportionately represented by energy shares which are exploding higher.
E A Death Match Between Bulls & Bears
On Friday the S&P 500 retested the 200-DMA support level for the fourth time. The market bounced back and until we get a confirmed break below support the market uptrend remains intact and is bullish for stocks.
E What Happened To Buying The Dip?
Longest stretch in correction territory in a decade.
E Stocks Headed In Both Directions
Optimism and pessimism have been extremely volatile.
E What Investors Are Focused On
April is usually one of best months for stocks. April’s trading pattern is the bulk of gains typically materialize in the second half of the month.
E Are Stocks Set Up To Bounce?
To help confirm the overall market trend we look at the Momentum Factor ETF (MTUM​) chart and the Bullish Percent Index (BPI). They look promising and the next probable move is higher especially if upcoming earnings produce favorable pronouncements.
E To Trade Ahead Of Earnings
Volatility ahead of earnings is normal.
E Tech Stocks Continue Breaking Down
Tech stocks have been a relatively reliable indicator of overall market direction.
E Trifecta Drove Stocks Lower
Smart strategy moves in the current market.
E The Market Is In Full Recovery Mode
All S&P sectors are up over the past month being led by technology stocks as usual. Plus, March is usually one of the more profitable months for stocks.
E ​What Investors Should Expect In March
​March is usually one of the better months.
E What The Market Is Focused On
Over the past several years tech stocks have led the market and are again leading the market recovery bounce.
E What Usually Happens After A Market Correction
The average bull market correction takes four months to recover.
E Money Managers Bailed On Equities
Money managers bailed out of equities to the lowest level since November. It is somewhat disconcerting that investors are not stepping in to buy the recent dip.
E Critical Week For The Market
The stock market is heading into its most exciting, and potentially most volatile, week so far this year as earnings season picks up the pace and the Federal Reserve convenes its first meeting of 2018.
E Why Stocks Are Rallying
An expectation of higher profits and continued economic growth is most likely a reason behind a continued rally in the stock market, with all of the main benchmarks sitting at record levels.
1 to 16 of 80 Posts
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