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Fred Schebesta is CEO at, an American comparison site geared toward helping people make better financial decisions

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What’s Next For Bitcoin In 2021?
Instead of people eyeing BTC's higher highs, some are now choosing to focus on just how low the next low will be.
The Future Of Money
I had the pleasure of speaking at StartCon on Friday about the future of money. This topic is something I am extremely interested in and I wanted to share what I discussed on stage in case you missed it.
Personal Loans Reach Record High: Time To Rethink Your Spending
Nine years after the financial crisis and it seems Americans have not learnt to curb their spending. Data analyzed has found that personal loans are at a record high, reaching $2.69 trillion as of July 2016.
E The Financial Phenomenon Of Debt Lag
Close to half of America’s vacationers have experienced debt-lag, the financial hardship that’s accumulated from overspending on credit while travelling. what
1 to 4 of 4 Posts