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Managing Partner, FMD Capital Management
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David is a Managing Partner at FMD Capital Management, a fee-only registered investment advisory firm specializing in exchange-traded funds. He has years of experience constructing and implementing actively managed growth and income portfolios using ETFs, CEFs, and mutual funds.

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EC Seeking Future Results, Not Past Returns
Those who constantly seek out strategies based on short-term performance are going to experience weaker long-term results. The ability to understand this dynamic and turn it on its head is what separates mediocre investors from successful investors.
The Tremendous Trend In Timber ETFs
The rising prices of commodities over the last twelve months have likely played an important role or at least added an economic tailwind for the price appreciation in ETFs like WOOD.
3 Rules For Dealing In Thinly Traded ETFs
There are several ways to encourage both large investors and advisors to understand the concepts when dealing in thinly traded ETFs. Here are three of them.
A Technical Look At The S&P 500 And Key Moving Averages
Everyone is going to be keying in on a certain trend line on Monday morning and how the market reacts around it.
The Correct Way To Look At Passive Funds
There is a thought-provoking chart making its way around the investment community that demonstrates the rise of passive investment vehicles over the last decade.
EC Your Bonds Aren’t Crashing
Bonds experience corrections, trend changes, and overall sentiment shifts just like stocks do. The major difference between the two is that stocks tend to be a lot more volatile over long time frames.
6 Lessons I Learned In 2017
I can say with a great deal of enthusiasm that I am excited for the opportunities that 2018 will bring. I think we are experiencing a pivotal time in the markets where new factors will be tested, and risk dynamics will appear unannounced.
The Investments Change But The Psychology Remains The Same
Investing will never be easy and you must stay diligent with whatever system or process has proven to be successful for you.
PIMCO Plays It Safe With Multi-Factor Equity ETFs
Each of these funds uses a proprietary interplay of those characteristics to create a highly diversified basket of stocks with varying holdings and weights from traditional market-cap weighted indexes.
Is A Dividend Cut On The Horizon For DBL?
Although we have seen the premium in DBL recently collapse to some of the narrowest levels in the last nine months, there are other concerning factors that are beginning to crop up on our radar as well
Understanding High Beta ETFs
A high beta score doesn’t necessarily mean that your investments will outperform on the upside or underperform on the downside.
TD Says Goodbye To Commission-Free Vanguard ETFs
TD Ameritrade touts nearly 300 funds on the new commission-free list. But let’s be realistic, there are probably 100 good funds and 200 that would make my “never trade” list.
HH What A Time To Be Alive And An Investor
Sometimes it’s easy to forget how far we have come and how lucky we are today. You can trade for nothing, build a portfolio for nothing, and have unparalleled access to information for pennies a day.
Marrying Active And Passive Management
There is no perfect solution to investing that works for everyone. I have found that meeting in the middle and striving for a sense of simplicity is probably one of the strongest foundations for a successful outcome.
Sentiment, Trends, And Technicals
A look at the overall trends in global stock markets with emphasis on the complacency and low volatility.
3 Value ETFs For Factor Purists
Classifying stocks as either growth or value is one of the oldest and most studied fundamental investment pillars.
1 to 16 of 338 Posts
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