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At Elliottwave-Forecast, we offer 24 hour coverage of 52 instruments from Monday – Friday using Elliott Wave Theory as primary tools of analysis. We provide Elliott Wave chart in 4 different time frames, up to 4 times a day update in 1 hour chart, two live sessions by our expert analysts, ... more


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Elliott Wave Analysis: Further Strength Expected In Oil
In this blog, I want to share with you some Elliott Wave charts of Oil which we presented to our members this month.
GBPJPY Reached The Extreme Area Lower And Bounced
GBPJPY Break of August 15th low made the cycle from the January peak incomplete to the downside. The pair is now bearish against the 149.7 peak
Elliott Wave Hedging Suggests More Upside In CHK
Elliott wave analysis suggests that CHK has found a near term bottom and should see another impulsive wave higher minimal in an Elliott wave hedge
Copper Providing Another Elliott Wave Selling Opportunity Soon?
Copper is correcting the cycle from Sep 2018 peak, while higher degree charts suggest more downside against that peak looking for another ext lower at least
Elliott Wave Analysis: The Right Side Of A Choppy GBPUSD Price Action
Technical Elliott Wave analysis of the GBPUSD pair enforcing the right side of the market on choppy price action.
Elliott Wave View: 5 Waves Rally In Alibaba (BABA)
This article and video shows the short term Elliott Wave path for Alibaba (BABA). It gives the next price target as well as alternate view
EURCAD : Will Bears Take Control?
Bearish market patterns can be seen on the EURCAD 4 hour chart
IYF Flat From The January 29, 2018 Highs
IYF Flat from the January 29, 2018 highs Elliott Wave Fibonacci extension retracement five waves 3-3-5 cycle pullback four
GBPNZD : Buy The Dip Scenario
GBPNZD Elliottwave Elliott Wave Bullish Patterns Technical Analysis Trading Forex Signals
Short Term Elliott Wave View In Oil Favoring More Upside
Oil’s (CL_F) short term Elliott Wave view shows that the decline from 10/3/2018 high ended as 5 waves impulse in wave a at $42.41
USDJPY : Will Bearish Pattern Trigger More Sells?
USDJPY Elliottwave Elliott Wave Bearish Patterns Technical Analysis Trading Forex Signals @AidanFX EWF Aidan Chan FXsignals
Elliott Wave Analysis: Impulse Move Suggests More Downside In USDCAD
The article and video explains the short term Elliott Wave path for USDCAD. The move lower is impulsive, favoring more downside
Elliott Wave View Looking For SPX Rally To Fail
Chart of The Day and video on the Elliott Wave Outlook for SPX. The current correction is expected to fail as a double three Elliott Wave structure
Elliott Wave Analysis: Not The Right Time To Buy Apple
Technical Elliott Wave Analysis of Apple (APPL) favoring the continuation of the bearish trend that started on October 3rd 2018.
Elliott Wave View: EURAUD Bullish Sequence Favors More Upside
Chart of The Day for EURAUD explaining the Elliott Wave structure and expected path in the pair. Pullback should find support in 3, 7, 11 swing
EURUSD Forecasting The Decline And Selling The Rallies
EURUSD Break of 08/15 low has made the pair bearish against the 1.18158 peak. Cycle from the February peak looks incomplete and calling for further weakness
1 to 16 of 114 Posts
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