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Singapore Dollar (SGD) Plunges As Central Bank Signals Easing
Singapore Dollar tumbled last week after the Monetary Authority of Singapore suggests that SGD has room to depreciate. The statement came after the coronavirus infection spread to the territory and the central bank predicts it will hit growth.
Amazon Soared After Q4 Earnings Beat
Amazon recently reported Q4 2019 earnings. The result of $45.7 billion online sales surpassed the Q4 2018 number of $39.8 billion. The company also announced they currently have over 150 million Prime subscribers globally.
Oil Selling Wave Four Bounce At The Blue Box Area
In the latest weekend update from 2.1.2020, Oil continue to extend lower. But is a bounce around the corner?
ConocoPhillips Getting Ready For Next Rally
Since February 2016, COP rallied higher within an impulsive 5 waves advance for almost 3 years before ending that cycle in October 2018.
JNJ Bullish Outlook Suggests Further Upside For Next Year
JNJ saw a sideways consolidation in the recent 2 years within a Bullish Triangle and the stock is currently in the process of breaking out of that range.
Boeing: Path Remains Clear, Even With C.E.O. Fired
Boeing is all over the news today with the firing of C.E.O Dennis Muilenburg. The company has been mired in the worst crisis in its 103-year history since the crashes of two 737 Max jets killed 346 people.
Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) Impulse Rally Calling More Upside
The current rally can see further extension higher toward extreme area $55 - $60 from where a 3 waves pullback takes place before the stock resume higher.
EWC IShares MSCI Canada ETF Long Term Cycles & Elliott Wave
Price has not got above the November 2007 highs yet. It will eventually, however, will take some time. The cycles remain bullish and the instrument should proceed higher.
Will The Passing Of Hong Kong Human Rights And Democracy Act Threaten Stock Market Rally?
Some market participants worry that the passing of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act can reverse the gain in stock market.
Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. New All-Time-High In Sight
KL has been trading within a sideways range in the recent 2-month and after the good Earnings report, it has the potential of breaking higher toward target area $53 - $56 as long as $43 low is holding.
The Coca-Cola Company Looking To Remain Supported
Since February 2019, KO rallied higher within an impulsive 5 waves advance breaking to new all-time highs and opening further extension.
US Indices Made New All Time Highs. Will Russell Follow?
In recent months, we have seen US Indices making new all-time highs but Russell is the one which has been lagging and has not yet made a new high.
Is US Dollar Topping?
The Fed’s monetary stance has turned 180 degree this year. The financial system as some banks and financial institution can’t find necessary cash in the market.
Bank Of America Forecasting The Rally From The Blue Box
Taking a quick look at the Elliott Wave charts of Bank Of America. The stock was expected to find buyers in 3,7,11 swings against the 26.01 low.
Walmart Bull Run Leads The Market
A look at the short term cycle of the stock based on Elliott Wave Theory.
Poundsterling Soars As UK And Irish Leaders Find Pathway To Brexit Deal
Much uncertainty remains as UK and EU continue to negotiate the deal and time is running out.
1 to 16 of 454 Posts
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