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Could Slow Growth Lead To A Rate Cut In Australia?
This month, the Australian dollar has risen against the USD. The AUD/USD pair has moved up from a low of 0.7000 and reached a high of 0.7120.
Why Cocoa Prices Could Rise To $2.3
Cocoa is an important crop that is consumed by billions of people around the world.
Outlook For Copper Ahead Of US-China Trade Agreement
Copper's price has moved from. $2.5 to above $2.9. As the trade talks near a conclusion, there is a likelihood that the price could test the 61.8% Fibonacci level at $3.02.
USD/CHF Pair Declines As Swiss Economy Improves
The USD/CHF pair declined to a low of 0.9970. This price is along the 21-day and 42-day EMA while the MACD has been declining.
Focus On The Japanese Yen As The US And North Korea Meet
As the talks begin today, the USD/JPY pair has declined to a low of 110.53. This is close to the weekly low of 110.44.
Weekly Review: Investors Focus On Politics, Trade, And Central Bank Meetings
This week, the focus among investors was on the ongoing trade talks, political issues, central bank minutes, and a couple of economic data.
Week Ahead: Traders To Focus On Trade, Crude Oil, And Brexit
This week, investors may focus on a number of things. First, they will focus on trade as the March 1 deadline nears. The deadline was set in December during the G20 meeting in Argentina.
DAX Lags As German Economy Growth Halts
The DAX 30 index is Germany’s response to the United States’ Dow 30. The index is made up of the biggest companies in Germany.
Implications Of The $22 Trillion US National Debt
In addition to the national debt, American companies have continued to add more debt. In fact, the total corporate debt in the United States has gone up to more than $9 trillion.
Japanese Yen Slides After Lackluster GDP Numbers
This year, the Japanese yen has been falling against the USD. The USD/JPY has risen from a low of 105 to above 111 as shown in the annual chart below. The pair is still below the yearly high of 114.
Soybeans Rises Buoyed By Optimism On Trade And Supply Cuts
After the report on Friday, the price of soybeans have edged up from a low of $9.05 to a high of $9.20.
Outlook For Coffee As Prices Continue To Fall
Coffee is an important beverage consumed by billions of people every day.
Key Scenarios For Gold As Global Uncertainty Returns
There is a likelihood that the XAU/USD pair will see some declines. However, the upward momentum could continue until the pair completes the cup and handle pattern.
Why Corn And Soybeans Could Rise Ahead Of March Trade Deadline
Agricultural commodities have continued to suffer the past year. This is because of the ongoing trade conflict between the United States and China.
Why Cocoa Could Rally Ahead Of Valentine’s Day
Cocoa is an important crop consumed by billions of people every day.
Copper Price Rallies As Trade Talks Continue
Copper is often viewed as the barometer for the global economy. This is simply because of the role the metal plays in the world.
1 to 16 of 1136 Posts
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