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My name is Doron Yoets, and I have been in the financial industry for over a decade. I have had a hedge-fund, trading firm, and currently, own a Stock Trading Education company that teaches students how to become successful. You can also google my name and find a lot of sources that I am mentioned ...more


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FCAU Continues To Remain An Undervalued Asset
FCAU is showing signs of improvement and has nearly doubled some of its performance metrics. The company's CEO is still open to a potential merger with General Motors.
Slim Chance Of NVDA’s Growth Slowing Down
New technology innovation can be a game changer and can generate a new hype cycle. NVDA's fundamentals are looking much brighter than its competitors'. Consistent earnings growth shows no signs of stopping in 2017.
Goldman Sachs Stocks Consistently Outperform Earnings Estimates
A quick examination of the past earnings performance of Goldman Sachs, reveals that its earnings have consistently exceeded expectations over the last three (3) earnings periods. This outperformance has also been consistently high.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts