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Dimitri Speck is fund manager, financial analyst and trading system 

developer. He is responsible for one of the biggest stock market letters 

in Germany. In 2013 he won for his Stay-C commodity fund the Hedge Fund 

Journal’s award as best ... more


Against All Expectations: Crude Oil Is About To Enter A Seasonal Decline!
Similar to many other market observers you may be expecting a seasonal rally in the crude oil price on account of the start of the heating season in autumn.
For Bitcoin, The Seasonally Weakest Period Of The Year Is Beginning Now
When you are pondering seasonality, commodities or stock market indexes are probably the first things that come to mind. Perhaps you consider single stocks or currencies in this context as well.
Gold And Gold Mining Stocks Are Entering A Strong Seasonal Phase
If you have kept track of the seasonality of gold, you will be aware that gold typically rallies from the middle of the year.
An Excellent Seasonal Buying Opportunity In Silver Lies Directly Ahead
Silver's seasonality under the magnifying glass
Sell In May: Which Country Is Now Threatened By The Biggest Price Decline?
You are presumably aware of the saying "sell in May and go away". This popular seasonal stock market saying conveys that the stock market tends to underperform in the six summer months compared to the six winter months.
Corona-Crash: Which Day Of The Week Drops Most, Which Beats All Others?
Currently, on some days stock prices are dropping like stones. Therefore, knowing on which days of the week prices typically decline sharply is of great value to investors.


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Work Experience

2014 - Present (6 years 11 months)

Founder and analyst- business development, development of the core algorithm, sales, key accounting, media relations.

Senior Analyst
Investor Verlag
2013 - Present (7 years 11 months)

Senior analyst- editorial board, editorial support, market research, deposit recommendations. 

CEO & Fund Advisor
Staedel Hanseatic
2006 - 2013 (7 years 11 months)

CEO & Fund Advisor- development of quantitative trading systems.


Technical University Munich
Electrical Engineering
1982 / 1985


The Gold Cartel
Dimitri Speck
Palgrave Macmillan

The Gold Cartel is an insightful and thought-provoking analysis of the world market for gold, how it works, and what influences gold price. But it also lends insight into something more disturbing – the organized intervention in the gold markets by Central Banks.