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Dimitri Speck is fund manager, financial analyst and trading system 

developer. He is responsible for one of the biggest stock market letters 

in Germany. In 2013 he won for his Stay-C commodity fund the Hedge Fund 

Journal’s award as best ... more

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Seasonal Patterns In Commodities
Over the past several months there have been spectacular rallies in numerous commodities, from copper to crude oil to soybeans.
The Dow Jones 10-Year Cycle
Annual seasonality is undoubtedly the most important cycle for you as an investor. But there are also cycles with different durations.
Four Year Cycle – A Lengthy Bear Market After The Election?
2020 is drawing to a close. It had a dreadful surprise in store for us with the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, which had a strong impact on financial markets as well.
Japanese Stocks: The Sun Is About To Rise In The Far East!
The US presidential elections and the corona crisis are currently dominating financial markets. Perhaps this is a good reason to let our gaze wander into the distance.
Against All Expectations: Crude Oil Is About To Enter A Seasonal Decline!
Similar to many other market observers you may be expecting a seasonal rally in the crude oil price on account of the start of the heating season in autumn.
For Bitcoin, The Seasonally Weakest Period Of The Year Is Beginning Now
When you are pondering seasonality, commodities or stock market indexes are probably the first things that come to mind. Perhaps you consider single stocks or currencies in this context as well.
Gold And Gold Mining Stocks Are Entering A Strong Seasonal Phase
If you have kept track of the seasonality of gold, you will be aware that gold typically rallies from the middle of the year.
An Excellent Seasonal Buying Opportunity In Silver Lies Directly Ahead
Silver's seasonality under the magnifying glass
Sell In May: Which Country Is Now Threatened By The Biggest Price Decline?
You are presumably aware of the saying "sell in May and go away". This popular seasonal stock market saying conveys that the stock market tends to underperform in the six summer months compared to the six winter months.
Corona-Crash: Which Day Of The Week Drops Most, Which Beats All Others?
Currently, on some days stock prices are dropping like stones. Therefore, knowing on which days of the week prices typically decline sharply is of great value to investors.
Don’t Let The Fear Of Market Downturns Get In The Way Of Solid Gains
Many individual stocks can enjoy periods of seasonal strength and they can stay true to their seasonal patterns even during a wider market downturn.
How To Benefit From Seasonal Trends Of Individual Stocks
You have probably heard about the Halloween effect or the autumn rally. The former term refers to the fact that stocks on average tend to perform significantly worse in the summer months than in the winter months.
A Pharmaceutical Stock That Is Often Particularly Strong At This Time Of The Year!
I consider investing in particularly strong seasonal phases and thus significantly increasing the chance of generating extraordinary returns a very appealing idea.
The Strongest Seasonal Advance In Precious Metals Stocks Begins Now
The strongest part of the seasonal rally takes place between 28 January and 18 February.
Election Years: A Difficult Start Is Common!
Stock prices are in an uptrend over the long-term, driven by economic growth and monetary inflation. The fact that prices on average fail to rise in the first half of election years points to an elevated probability of price declines.
The Strongest Seasonal Advance In Precious Metals Begins Now
The strong seasonal advance is very likely driven by purchases from the manufacturing industry.
1 to 16 of 46 Posts
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