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This Week In Cryptocurrency - Friday, March 15
Another week in the green for the cryptocurrency market. With a couple of dips along the way, the total market cap grew from $133.8B to $137.4B this week – almost three percent growth.
This Week In Cryptocurrency - Friday, March 1
Every week can’t be a good week. After a month of almost exclusively green weeks, we finally saw a pullback in the market.
This Week In Cryptocurrency - Friday, Feb. 22
This week carried over the momentum from the impressive end-of-the-week rally last Friday. The total cryptocurrency market cap grew steadily from $120.5B to $135B throughout the seven days – about a 12 percent gain.
EC The Role Of Blockchain In Capital Markets
Undoubtedly, various capital markets will continue to evolve over time along with technical innovation. Here’s how blockchain is beginning to improve the way that capital markets operate
This Week In Cryptocurrency - Friday, Feb. 15
After the impressive rally, we had to end the previous week, this week has been rather boring. The cryptocurrency market cap bounced between $120B and $122B ultimately losing about one percent in the week.
This Week In Cryptocurrency - Friday, Feb. 8
Thanks to the end of the week rally, the entire market cap fell less than one percent over the week and is currently barely over $114B.
This Week In Cryptocurrency - Friday, Feb. 1
Another disappointing week in cryptocurrency with the entire market losing around five percent in the 7-day timeframe.
This Week In Cryptocurrency - Friday, Jan. 25
What started as a positive week, ended in disappointment for cryptocurrency prices. Over the week, the cryptocurrency market cap dropped about 1.6 percent and currently sits just shy of $120 billion.
This Week In Cryptocurrency - Friday, Jan. 18
The market shed less than two percent of value, placing the total market cap at around $122B. However, the middle of the week saw the market plummet nearly five percent in six hours before regaining that loss nearly as quick about a day later.
FinTech Blockchain: A Look Into A More Efficient Future
Blockchain technology is quietly transforming industries in ways that were unimaginable a few years ago.
This Week In Cryptocurrency - Friday, Jan. 11
After a positive start to the week, the market pulled a classic Bart Simpson chart pattern, leaving us down overall.
Bitcoin Vs. Tech Stocks: A Relative Strength Comparison
When you measure the relative strength (RS) of Bitcoin vs. tech stocks or other cryptos and key financial markets, you obtain a real-world view of its comparative strength (or weakness). This data can help you make important investment decisions.
This Week In Cryptocurrency - Friday, Jan. 4
The week ended with a total cryptocurrency market cap of just shy of $129B – slightly under a six percent weekly gain.
This Week In Cryptocurrency - Friday, Dec. 28
Since reaching a weekly high of about $146.5B on Monday, the total market cap has dropped 17 percent and currently rests at just over $121.5B.
Bitcoin’s Bear Markets: A Guide To Bitcoin’s Crashes And Comebacks
The recent bear market (Dec. 2017-Dec. 2018) needed 363 days to go from its ATH to its ultimate low. That’s more than three times longer than average. This suggests that Bitcoin sellers have been far more aggressive than buyers.
Pump And Dump Groups; Navigating The Crypto Waters
Pump and dump groups are a growing problem in the blockchain arena. Pump and dumps are not endemic to crypto. They typically appear in any market that starts attracting large amounts of capital.
1 to 16 of 140 Posts
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