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CoinCentral is an independent publication covering news and information on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and their underlying blockchain technology.


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The Ethereum 2.0 Upgrade: A Race To Scalability
With over 3,500 decentralized applications, Ethereum has established itself as the top choice for blockchain developers. However, a slew of competitors (new and old) are looking to capitalize on Ethereum’s growing pains.
How Bitcoin ETFs Will Impact The Cryptocurrency Market
ETFs would help to draw bigger investments into the market, and this would definitely have a compounding effect on demand, thereby propelling bitcoin to greater heights.
Space Yacht Founder LondonBridge: 6 Tips For NFT Creators
NFTs monetize better than any streaming platform in existence. Period. It’s not even close.
Does Bitcoin’s Enhancing Anonymity Mean Doomsday For Privacy Coins?
Is Bitcoin anonymous? Bitcoin transactions are recorded in the ledger and broadcast publicly to everyone with access to the blockchain.
Ethereum 2.0: Is The Interest Real Or Hype About Nothing?
No sooner had the crypto world started to settle down after the third Bitcoin halving event when another wave of hype started to build around Ethereum 2.0, which was initially projected to be released this July.
What Is The Bitcoin Halvening And Why It Matters
If you hold the digital asset, it’s worth your while to develop a more intimate understanding of how it works.
Coronavirus And Bitcoin: Why COVID-19 Is Bitcoin’s Biggest Test
Bitcoin and Coronavirus (COVID-19) is economic history in motion: Not only is Bitcoin facing its first genuinely unified and global external threat, but it’s also doing so to the background music if a potentially hyperinflating U.S. Dollar.
Why Iranians Are Avoiding Bitcoin, While Venezuelans Embrace It
There is a conjectured assumption that Iranians are clamoring for bitcoin to stave off the effects of biting sanctions, but the situation on the ground is different.
A Short, Medium Term Bitcoin Price Prediction
The current market movement seems to be more psychological than technical as there doesn’t seem to be a direct correlation to demand.
What Triggered The Recent BTC Price Surge, Beyond The Iranian Crisis
Tensions between the U.S. and Iranian administrations are believed to have triggered the most recent BTC price surge. Bitcoin prices surged monetarily on January 7 in anticipation of a situational escalation.
Thai Government Plans To Use Blockchain For Its E-Visa System
Thailand’s Electronic Visa On Arrival (eVOA) system is set to implement a new blockchain infrastructure in the next few months.
This Week In Cryptocurrency: Friday, August 2
Bitcoin made a comeback this week, challenging the bearish positions of the past two weeks.
India, U.S. Governments Move To Rein In Facebook, Libra Cryptocurrency Project
The Facebook Libra cryptocurrency project is facing pushback from Indian lawmakers.
Iran Approves Crypto Mining Framework Amid U.S. Sanctions
The Iran economic commission has approved a cryptocurrency mining regulatory mechanism.
The World’s First Public Blockchain With Secret Contracts Is Making Its Case
Ever since the global interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain soared in 2017, the debate pinning public and private blockchains against one another in the context of practical adoption has persisted.
This Week In Cryptocurrency, As Of Friday, July 26
Another week, another seven days of volatility. However, unlike last week’s completely red market summary, this week was a mixed bag.
1 to 16 of 176 Posts
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