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Intel's Kaby Lake A Non-Event For AMD RyZen
Intel released a CPU refresh but it adds no pressure for AMD's Ryzen chip.
Bearishness In Apple, 3D Systems And MannKind Dominate Value Investors
Apple a value investor favorite, fell on two negative events. Quarterly results asserted growth is falling from this point. Carl Icahn “pumped” Apple and once gave an over $200 price target. He quietly sold the stock ahead of everyone else.
E Bottom Fishing For Value: Week Ended April 29
In the bottom fishing for value strategy, there were more bearish (sell) ideas than buying ones. Technology stocks are due for profit-taking.
Bottom Fishing For Value: Week Ended April 22
Pundits blame the weakening PC market, but Intel actually grew sales for chips. Its latest iteration of chips, the Skylake chipset, is expensive but profitable. Apple’s latest 12-inch Macbook will use Intel’s Skylake chipset.
E Bottom Fishing For Value: Wal-Mart And Ford On The List
The strong market is helping value investors earn better returns.
Bottom Fishing For Value: Valeant Pharmaceuticals In Focus Today
The company restored some confidence from shareholders after it said it did not expect any more restatement of earnings. It also expects to file its 10K by the end of this month.
E BlackBerry: It's Time To Do This One Thing
Time for BlackBerry to address the lack of Android devices after Priv.
E In Bottom Fishing For Value, Ambarella And AMD Are Tops
A favorable reversal for momentum stocks helped the Bottom Fishing for Value continue its positive ROI. Ambarella may move and hold above the $40 level, as markets rewarded the stock for its value through multi-year contracts.
Update: Bottom Fishing For Value Today - March 17, 2016
Weekly performance update on value investing.
E Bottom Fishing For Value Returned 13.3% On Average
Update on a deep search for value stocks. This includes Glu Mobile, AMD, Twitter and Ambarella.
E Bottom Fishing For Value Investors
The 2016 year started on a bearish tone, with stocks falling due to negative sentiment. Companies reporting poor results fell, naturally, but may have limited gains.
Trading Moves For March 3, 2016
Trading ideas for March, 3 2016.
E Bottom Fishing For Value
Results from bottom fishing for stocks having value.
E PayPal: Up And Away
PayPal fell ahead of its latest earnings report. Turns out business is stronger than ever. There are a number of reasons the former eBay subsidiary will give strong returns for investors.
E How Much Trouble Is Twitter Really In?
Twitter's stock is in a world of hurt. Expect more declines, but a buyer may still emerge.
E No End In Sight As Etsy Is In Freefall
Etsy has so many negative selling pressure ahead. Expect the fad for handcrafts to pass.
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