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Downward Mobility Creates "Deplorables"
The real heresy here is the American economy is now rigged for downward mobility.
The Economy Has Fundamentally Changed In The 21st Century--and Not For The Better
The net result is we have an economy that's supposedly expanding smartly while our well-being and financial security are collapsing.
Is China's Belt & Road A Decade Too Late?
The world appears to be tiring of globalization and hegemons, and that trend may doom the Belt & Road to irrelevancy.
What Would It Take To Spark A Rural/Small-Town Revival?
There are many historical models in which the spending/investing of wealthy families drives the expansion of local economies.
Good Riddance To A "Nothing-Burger" Trade Deal
China has expanded its domestic debt to fund its growth, much of which qualifies as malinvestment, creating financial vulnerabilities its government is anxious to mask.
Income Inequality And The Decline Of The Middle Class In Two Charts
The bad news is the middle class has received no real income gains in the past 20 years, and they don't qualify for many means-tested transfers.
This Is The End Of The Cycle
Everyone wants every cycle of expansion to last forever, but alas every cycle ends. The growth cycle that began in 2009 is finally coming to an end. The signs are everywhere, notwithstanding the torrid 3.2% GDP growth for the first quarter of 2019.
The Feedback Loop Of Doom: When Mobile Creatives And Capital Abandon Unaffordable, Dysfunctional Cities
When the 4% who generate the jobs and tax revenues have had enough and leave, the effects quickly impact the 64%.
If "Getting Ahead" Depends On Asset Bubbles, It's Not "Getting Ahead," It's Gambling
Given that the economy is now totally and completely dependent on inflating asset bubbles, it makes no sense to invest for the long-term.
No Fix For Recession: Without A Financial Crisis, There's No Central Bank Policy Fix
There are no extreme "fixes" to secular declines in sales, profits, employment, tax revenues and asset prices.
Blind Faith Vs. The Bottom Line
There is more than a little "let them eat brioche" in the blind faith that the masses' patience for pillage is infinite.
Beneath The Surface Of Brexit
Geography matters, the balance of power matters, and democracy--it's not yet clear if democracy matters or not.
Trade Deal Follies: The U.S. Has Embraced The World's Worst Negotiating Tactics
The world's worst negotiating strategy is to make a crazy tulip-bubble stock market rally dependent on a trade deal that harms the interests of the U.S.
The Japanification Of The World
Zombification/Japanification is not a success, it is only the last desperate defense of a failing, brittle status quo by doing more of what's failed.
Dear Stock Market: You Can't Have It Both Ways
Eventually reality will intrude in this pleasant madness.
The Fed Guarantees No Recession For 10 Years, Permanent Uptrend For Stocks And Housing
Those who own stocks and housing now will continue getting richer, those who don't will be priced out of these markets.
1 to 16 of 807 Posts
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