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Charles Hugh Smith, has been an independent journalist for 22 years. His weblog,, is a daily compendium of observations and analysis on the global economy and financial markets, as well as notable political, social and cultural trends. Charles ...more


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Rates, Risk And Debt: The Unavoidable Reckoning Ahead
Policy errors have consequences, and we're only in the first inning of those consequences.
Finding, Creating (And Keeping) A Job In The Era Of AI
What's valuable is flexible, entrepreneurial, experiential-based skills that can be applied to a variety of problems--including those that have yet to arise.
The U.S. Housing Market: Rent-Serfs And Artificial Scarcity
Unleash the powers of unlimited credit and excess capital on a limited, essential resource such as shelter and this is what we end up with: artificial scarcity, rent-serfs and half-vacant neighborhoods owned by absentee landlords.
Household Belt-Tightening: Will The Trickle Become A Flood?
The top 0.1% will weather a recession just fine, but that will offer cold comfort to the other 130 million American households.
Irony Alert: "Outlawing" Recession Has Made A Monster Recession Inevitable
Those who came of age after 1982 have never experienced a real recession, and so they're unprepared for anything other than guarantees of rescue and permanent expansion.
Our Tax System Is An Unfair Mess: Here's How To Fix It
Make the U.S. attractive to labor and capital with low rates and a simple, fair tax system and the populace and economy will benefit.
The Chinese Connection: Here's Why Inflation Won't Fall To 2% And Stay There Indefinitely
Where is the global deflator expansive enough to replace China's one-off deflation of global inflationary forces? There isn't one.
What The Fed Accomplished: Distorted The Economy, Enriched The Rich And Crushed The Middle Class
The mainstream holds the Fed is busy planning a return to the glory days of zero interest rates, but ZIRP is on the downside of the S-Curve; it's done, gone, history.
2023: The Fed Declares Victory; 2024: The Year Of Hubris And Nemesis
Are the crowds ready for the curtain of Fed omnipotence to be pulled aside? What will push markets ever higher if the Fed's alchemy fails?
What If There Are No Analogs For 2024?
One of the favorite parlor games of financial analysts and seers is to make predictions about what will happen in the coming year based on past analogs.
Everyone Loves A Generous Government Until They Have To Pay For It
Not only does everyone love getting "free money" from the state, they also love hearing the fantasy repeated endlessly that debts are no problem because we will continue to "grow our way out of debt."
The Fed's Empire Of Speculation And The Echoes Of 1929
The Federal Reserve has so completely normalized speculative excess that these extremes are no longer even recognized as extremes.
Black Flag Friday: Could Black Friday Be A Harbinger Of A Tapped-Out Consumer?
If Black Friday is a bust, it may be a harbinger of what the mainstream has long considered impossible: the American consumer is well and truly tapped out.
What's It Take To Be Middle Class Now?
Can an economy in which 10% of the households qualify as a middle-class claim to offer widespread opportunities for secure prosperity? No, it cannot.
Can We Reverse America's Distemper?
Social trust, a baseline measure of social stability, has eroded.
Downward Mobility And Life On The Margins
Many people will experience downward mobility as the foundations of their financial security evaporate or crumble.
1 to 16 of 1209 Posts
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