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The Fed Has Created A Monster Bubble It Can No Longer Control
The Fed must now accept responsibility for what happens in the end-game of the Moral-Hazard Monster Bubble it created.
The Violent Collision Of Market Fantasy And Viral Reality
When the stampede tumbles off the cliff, buyers vanish and markets go bidless.
Our "Come To Mao" Reckoning And The Next Cultural Revolution
Only fools are blind to the potential for this uprising to extend to Apple and the rest of Corporate America's greedy exploiters who've been delighted to profit from the protection of the CCP.
China's Fatal Dilemma
Ending the limited quarantine and falsely proclaiming China safe for visitors and business travelers will only re-introduce the virus to workplaces and infect foreigners.
When China's Supply Chains Break, So Will The Delusion The U.S. Economy Is Invulnerable
Was it ever plausible that China's economy could grind to a halt and there wouldn't be any consequences for the U.S. economy? No.
Second-Order Effects: The Unexpectedly Slippery Path To Dow 10,000
Dow 30,000 is "unsinkable," just like the Titanic.
EC Could The Coronavirus Epidemic Be The Tipping Point In The Supply Chain Leaving China?
Everyone expecting a quick resolution to the epidemic and a rapid return to pre-epidemic conditions would be well-served by looking beyond first-order effects.
Is The Market Grossly Underestimating The Potential Impact Of The Coronavirus Epidemic?
The potential for a consequential disruption in China's supply chains appears to be vastly under-appreciated.
The Future Of What's Called "Capitalism"
Whatever definition of capitalism you use, the current system isn't it so let's call it "capitalism" in quotes to indicate it's called "capitalism" but isn't actually classical capitalism.
If Promoting Wealth Inequality And Social Breakdown Is Evil, The Fed Is Evil
The Fed will destroy the nation by widening the wealth/income inequality that is breaking down the nation's social order.
No Matter How Much Money The Fed Prints, We Still Can't Afford Nice Things
When will the American wage-earner finally tire of the skims, scams, fraud and lies that are now the foundations of everyday life?
Instability Rising: Why 2020 Will Be Different
In 2020, increasing monetary and fiscal stimulus will be the equivalent of spraying gasoline on a fire to extinguish it.
409Ks, 90% Gains, The Fed And Darth Vader's Warning
It's certainly a peculiar moment in history when the President chides everyone who hasn't gained 90% in their 409K (sic), seemingly unaware that only the top 5% have enough in a 409K to make a difference.
Just A Friendly Heads-Up, Bulls: The Fed Just Slashed Its Balance Sheet
Just a friendly heads-up to all the Bulls bowing and murmuring prayers to the Golden Idol of the Federal Reserve: the Fed just slashed its balance sheet--yes, reduced its assets.
The Fed Can't Reverse The Decline Of Financialization And Globalization
The global economy and financial system are both running on the last toxic fumes of financialization and globalization.
Is This "The Top"?
The consensus seems to be that the stock market is on its way to much higher levels, and soon. The near-term targets for the S&P 500 (SPX, currently around 3,235) range from 3,500 to 4,000, with longer-term targets reaching "the sky's the limit."
1 to 16 of 874 Posts
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