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Charles Hugh Smith, has been an independent journalist for 22 years. His weblog,, is a daily compendium of observations and analysis on the global economy and financial markets, as well as notable political, social and cultural trends. ... more


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Are We Really Crazy Enough To Believe This Is Going To Work?
Imagine an economy so dominated by its central bank that all markets hang on every word of its priesthood as life or death. You know, like the Federal Reserve and the American economy.
Why Shortages Are Permanent: Global Supply Shortages Make Fantastic Financial Sense
The era of abundance was only a short-lived artifact of the initial boost phase of globalization and financialization.
The Market Crash Nobody Thinks Is Possible Is Coming
The banquet of consequences is being served, and risk-off crashes are, like revenge, best served cold.
America 2021: Inequality Is Now Baked In
This complete capture of all avenues of regulation and governance can only end one way, a kind of hyper-stagflation.
The Illusion Of Getting Rich While Producing Nothing
By incentivizing speculation and corruption, reducing the rewards for productive work, and sucking wages dry with inflation, America has greased the skids to collapse.
The U.S. Economy In A Nutshell: When Critical Parts Are On "Indefinite Back Order," The Machine Grinds To A Halt
A great many essential components in America are on 'indefinite back order', including the lifestyle of endless globally sourced goodies at low, low prices.
Is Anyone Willing To Call The Top Of The Everything Bubble?
Can extremes become too extreme to continue higher? We're about to find out. Is anyone willing to call the top of the Everything bubble? The short answer is no. 
The Illusion Of Stability, The Inevitability Of Collapse
Beneath the illusory stability of rising GDP, the extremes of debt, leverage, stimulus and speculative frenzy required to keep the 'phantom wealth bubble' from imploding are all rising parabolically.
The Elites' Battle For The Future America
The rationalizations are as absurd and extreme as the policies: as long as the trillions flow into the assets owned by billionaires, there can't be any inflation, an endless spew of excuses by those profiting from the debauchery of the dollar.
How To Identify A Bubble: Wall Street Says It's Not A Bubble
The post-bubble-crash phase is already being prepared: 'no one could have seen this coming' - except anyone who paid attention to anything other than self-interested shills.
The Upside Of A Stock Market Crash
While a stock market crash that stairsteps lower for months or years is generally about as welcome as a trip to the guillotine in Revolutionary France, there is some major upside to a crash.
The Smart Money Has Already Sold
Smart Money recognizes the top is in, and in order to sell all their shares, they need to recruit bagholders to buy their shares and hold them all the way down.
Why The Global Economy Is Unraveling
Global supply chain logjams and global credit/financial crises aren't bugs, they're intrinsic features of Neoliberalism's fully financialized global economy.
Inflation: Keynes, The Gold Watch And Everything
Demand isn't the problem, supply is the problem, and it can't be resolved by printing more currency or lowering interest rates or cranking up inflation.
Dear Fed: Are You Insane?
So sorry, America, but your central bank is certifiably insane, and it's not going to magically work out.
While The Herd Slumbers, Risk Is Rocketing Higher
This wholesale transfer of risk from elites to the workers is finally becoming consequential as wealth / income / security inequality is reaching extremes that are destabilizing society and the economy.
1 to 16 of 1049 Posts
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