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Strong Breakout To New Trend High For EUR/JPY Points To Further Upside.
Strong long-term trend continuation signal for the EUR/JPY currency pair indicates higher prices and further strengthens a bullish reversal off the early-September bottom.
Technical Analysis Update: Tadawul All Share Index (TASI) - Saudi Arabia ETF (KSA)
Saudi Arabia stock markets signals a bullish trend reversal as it comes out of a head and shoulders bottom formation. This signals a continuation of the long-term upward sloping trend channel with the potential for eventual multi year highs.
When Might Bitcoin Be Ready To Resume Its Bull Trend?
Given the significant advance in the first half of the year, and the related signs of a trend change from bearish to bullish, Bitcoin has a good chance of eventually triggering a continuation of the new bull trend.
Long-Term Potential For Gold Remains Strong!
Taking a technical analysis look of the SPDR Gold Shares ETF we see a long-term bullish continuation anticipated once the current correction is completed. A deeper retracement may come in the near-term, before resumption of the rally.
Larger Bullish Move In USD/JPY May Just Be Getting Started
Once current retracement is complete the USD/JPY has good chance of exceeding last week’s high. Pair still in early stages of following through on bullish breakout of a large head and shoulders bottom. Upside target zone around $110.51 to $110.70.
Near-Term Bearish Signs For Bitcoin Cash
A potentially significant drop is possible to below the most recent swing low.


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Brent Crude Technical Update: Low Volatility Leads To High Volatility
3 years ago

Oil - Bearish breakdown triggered. Targets lower.

Gold Due For A Bounce, But Remains In Long-Term Bearish Trend
3 years ago

First target hit last week!

In this article: XAU
Uptrend In Silver (XAG/USD) Continues To Strengthen
3 years ago

First target hit last week.(18.34-18.41)

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