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I run a model fund at Ken Kam's Marketocracy, where they do capital management using the best member mutual fund track records with extensive tabulations of alpha, beta, R-squared, and many other fund management evaluations.

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Are We Near The End Of A Correction Or Near The Start Of A Bear?
The major averages have broken down below their 200 day moving averages and seem to have taken up residence there. That's bad. Trump is bullheaded about tariffs. That's bad. Powell is bullheaded about the cost of money. That's bad.
SMAs - A Better Way For Long-Term Investors
SMAs have grown US Assets from 396 Billion in 2000 to over a $trillion now. That's about 6% of the mutual fund/SMA pie and growing fast.
Amazon: Overbought Or Just Changing Gears?
A lot of angst is being felt amongst FANG investors overvaluation and buying too high right now.
The Problem With The Modern Gold Miner
The gold miners have been way under-performing gold and thus very severely under-performing the proliferation of fiat money. One has to wonder just what is going horribly wrong with the modern gold miners, especially since about the year 2005.
Atomera And Moore's Law
Tiny, unheard of, Atomera Incorporated, could be Act II of a really big high tech show. What was Act I? It was erbium doping, which revolutionized fiber optic high tech in the '90s.
My Two Cents On Bitcoin
Everybody and their dog is buzzing about Bitcoin, whether they're investing analysts or not.
The New Xoma - A Modified Risk Way Of Investing In The Genetic Era
There is a revolution going on in medicine and it could usher in a whole new array of effective, more palatable therapy. But how do you invest safely in something this new?
The Cheapest FANG Stock You Never Heard Of
If you want a new, hot performing, very under-the-radar, pick-and-shovel play for FANG that's been around for over 20 years with no debt and no dilution, keep reading.
What Does The Swooning Commodity Index Of 2017 Mean For Gold Miners ?
Commodities are diving badly this year. Commodities are consumed by a healthy economy, and dives like this can come before overall downturns.
Fed Rate Hikes - The Best Algorithm For Predicting Gold Upside
If you look at what happened in the 1970's gold bull market, you see that the more gold had to compete with interest bearing investments, the better it did.
The FANG Gang Is Challenging The Ascending Wedge
As we all wonder what to do with the mini "tech wreck" that is upon us, it is helpful to step back and check the big technical picture of this group.
Fractal And Fundamental Gurus Agreeing On A Gold Mega-Bull
Do we absolutely have to have another Great Recession and stock bear market to go along with a booming gold bull market? Absolutely not if history is any guide. The bad stuff seems to happen after the gold bulls have seen it coming for years.
Gold Miners Are At A Critical Juncture
The gold miners have arrived at a big turn point.
Rick And Dave & Buster Are On The Same Beam
This new paradigm in restaurants is not untested, and now several players are getting in on this new beam. And those that are able to execute geographical growth will likely be good growth stocks of the future.
Will Gold Ride Again ?
What happened to gold the last the last six months could best be called being shot out of the saddle. But is it dead? If you look closely, it could be crawling back into the saddle to continue the crazy ride of 2016.
The New Paradigm In Restaurants
The move to on-screen activity is disrupting old business models and creating new ones. Some companies find themselves with new windfalls dumped into their lap as a result. You wouldn't think of restaurants here, but read on.
1 to 16 of 43 Posts
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