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Director of Trader Development; Tudor Investment Corp.
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Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. is a trading psychologist and performance coach.  He trades in the equities markets and works with traders in proprietary, hedge fund, and investment bank settings. Dr. Steenbarger has authored The Psychology of Trading (Wiley, 2003) and Enhancing Trader ... more

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Trading Psychology: How To Improve Your Trading Results
Many traders focus on their results--their P/L--and never make the process changes that could lead to sustained results.
A Formula For Trading And Investing Disaster
Many problems of trading and investing have a simple source: People follow the markets on a different time scale from their intended holding period.
Four Essential Ingredients Of Trading Success
Here are the four success ingredients I've noticed among top performers across different markets, time frames, and types of trading.
Can This Market Go Higher Still?
I have not enjoyed the current rising market. I speak with a number of traders, and I have to say I observe little euphoria. If anything, the sense is frustration at not having participated in the rally.
Reading The Relative Volume Of The Market
Skilled traders can detect transitions in the relationships among price change and volume change to profit from cyclical movements that capture bull and bear psychology.
Why It's So Tough To Get Bigger In Your Trading
A common view is that our psychology is a prime determinant of our trading.
Overnight Versus Day Performance In SPY: What It Might Mean For Your Trading
We're starting to see divergences in behavior among sectors, with banks, industrials, and small caps underperforming. That may be an initial indication that the herd might be behaving in less herd-like ways going forward.
Making Sense Of This Stock Market
The cumulative TICK takes the average five minute reading of upticks versus downticks for all NYSE stocks and adds the value for the current five-minute period to the running total.
From Discipline To Self Discipline
In his book 59 Lessons: Working With the World's Elite Coaches, Athletes, and Special Forces, Fergus Connolly makes a very interesting distinction between discipline and self-discipline. But does that relate to trading as well? Yes.
Trading With A Flexible Bias
There is a risk of becoming wedded to trading plans and thus trading with a bias that prevents us from adapting to how the market is actually trading. Great trading is trading with flexible plans.
The Perils Of Trading Your Plan
We commonly hear the advice that traders should "stick to their plans" and that planning and remaining true to plans is the epitome of discipline and the key to success. But that's not necessarily the case.
New Bull Market: Who Dis?
We keep ringing up higher highs on rallies and higher price lows on corrections. Even so, wannabe bears continue to talk about how we're overdue for a correction, all the while missing what has been happening.
Taking The Risk Of Accountability
Sharing our process grades makes us extra-accountable.
The Fallacy Behind Conventional Trading Psychology
If markets were stable and discipline could sustain profitability, then backtested trading systems would forever remain profitable. There would be no need for discretionary traders whatsoever.
Taking The Ego Out Of Trading
If we focus on placing good trades, our trading can build mindfulness, intentionality, and resilience.
Tough Advice For Aspiring Traders
I have received numerous emails from new traders who have been encountering problems--and losses--in their trading. The majority have opened up their own accounts and are trying to learn on their own and eventually make a living from their trading.
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