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Director of Trader Development; Tudor Investment Corp.
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Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. is a trading psychologist and performance coach.  He trades in the equities markets and works with traders in proprietary, hedge fund, and investment bank settings. Dr. Steenbarger has authored The Psychology of Trading (Wiley, 2003) and Enhancing Trader ... more

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A Simple Strategy For Making Your Trading Better
Here is a simple, five-step strategy for making yourself better as a trader month by month.
Learning From Our Best Trades
Consistent profitability begins with a consistent process. 
Asking Good Questions In Your Trading
When I hear the same question again and again, I've found it's usually the wrong question.
Finding Better Edges In Your Trading
Good trade ideas come from good questions.
3 Steps To Avoid Trading On Tilt
The greatest edge of all in trading is self-awareness. 
Short-Term Trading With The NYSE TICK - Part One
So much of intraday trading boils down to pattern recognition. When you view market activity day after day, year after year, you internalize patterns that recur. Those can provide a meaningful edge in trading.
Six Relevant Pieces Of Trading Wisdom
In stable market conditions, we work to refine our game.  In changing market conditions, we find new games to play.
Know Your Cognitive Strengths
My worst trading comes when I analyze one or two things rather than synthesize many things.
When Doing Less Is More
The developing trader needs more process, more routine, to overcome the emotions involved in trading and the resulting impulsivity.  The experienced trader needs quality time away from process and routine to overcome staleness.
Thinking Through A Traders' Happy Hour
Smart, motivated people love to share ideas and learn from one another. That creates a rich environment for personal and professional development.
What Is Market Breadth Telling Us?
There is a structure to market cycles, in which the market begins with strong upside momentum and a tide that lifts most boats. 
How To Trade With Focus
We are most apt to respond to markets emotionally if we become too attached to the profits and losses of each trade. It's not emotion itself that is the problem for traders but an absence of focus.
Tracking Sentiment And Market Impact
Knowing the sentiment of the market through tracking which side is more aggressive and then seeing how this is impacting price action provides a helpful perspective on the market.
3 Ways To Improve Your Trading - And Your Trading Psychology
When we are productive in our time outside of trading, we create wins every single day, and that bolsters our mindset.
How We 'Tranceform' The Mindscape
The challenge of most traders is they are looking to improve their psychology, but they're operating with the same brain, the same states of awareness. The right trading actions are anchored to the state of high focus.
Learning How To Lose
On the surface, it seems like a strange idea:  We become winners when we learn how to lose.  It's when we can't accept losing that we hold onto trades long after they've gone against us.
1 to 16 of 159 Posts
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