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Head of Research, Global Markets at FINAM
Mikhail Aristakesyan currently works as Head of Research at Finam. He has 25+ years work experience on financial markets in the areas of research and portfolio management. Mikhail holds two Master degrees: in aerospace engineering and finance.

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Will Yields Drop In 2024?
Many believe we are currently at the peak of Treasury yields, or close to it.
Uncharted '20s, Part II
Importance of gold in this decade.
Uncharted '20s
A look at the impact of geopolitics on financial markets and the significance of current geopolitical events in shaping investment strategies.
Who Benefited From The Introduction Of The Euro?
Germany is the only beneficiary. Its stock market grew by 150% over 20 years, significantly outperforming its main competitors.
Geopolitics And Stock Markets. The Fall Of Communism.
The German stock market remained at the forefront throughout the decade and eventually outperformed not only its continental neighbors but also the S&P 500.
War And The Stock Market
During times of war, the determining factor for the stock market is not the monetary policies of central banks, interest rates, or GDP dynamics, but rather the situation on the battlefield and who will emerge victorious.
What’s Behind Yuan Devaluation
The hysterical (quasi-panic) media reaction to the weakening of the renminbi looks perplexing, while recent explanations show that what is going on is actually a sealed book.
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