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If Philip Morris Can Achieve This, The Stock Could Fly
Philip Morris is in bit of an interesting situation. You see, the days of the cigarette are numbered. The company is making an attempt to change the game in a big way, and if they are successful, the stock could climb.
Daily Trading Opportunities - Monday, June 26
On Monday, there are a couple of announcements that could move the marketplace, including the German Ifo Business Climate Index, and the Core Durable Goods Orders in the United States. Ultimately, the market could get a bit of volatility.
PM May Helps Boost Outlook For GBP
Ongoing Brexit negotiations have caused significant volatility with the GBP and its major trading partners. The latest short-term movement in the GBP/USD pair has been bullish.
PayPal Holdings Stock Shows Promise
PayPal is currently trading at $53.28 per share, up 1.46% or $0.76. The recent performance of the stock has been nothing short of remarkable.
Daily Trading Opportunities - Thursday, June 22
The US dollar rose initially during the day on Wednesday, testing the 1.33 level. However, we pulled back slightly, so looks as if we are ready to continue the consolidation area, the 1.32 level underneath should be supportive.
Markets React To Plunging Oil Prices
Oil futures markets wasted no time reacting to increased production, and mass put options on the commodity took place. Brent crude oil contracts for delivery in August 2017 are trading at $45.89 per barrel, down $1.02, or 2.17%.
Daily Trading Opportunities - Wednesday, June 21
With a relatively light economic calendar, it’s likely that the day will be more technical than anything else. The US dollar rallied against the Canadian dollar during Tuesday’s trading, but we are still within a consolidated area.
Daily Trading Opportunities - Tuesday, June 20
During the session on Tuesday, there isn’t much out there to move the market. We have Canadian Wholesale Sales, Mark Carney speaking from the Bank of England, but beyond that it should be relatively straight forward.
The Top 4 Trading Assets Of The Week - Monday, June 19
Overall, the Fed’s activities should be bullish for the USD, but they appear to be bearish. More importantly, the interest-rate hikes have had the opposite effect on gold bullion, causing the precious metal to rise, rather than to fall.
All That Glitters May Be Losing Some Shine
Gold prices declined on the back of decreased demand from retailers, jewelers and various industries. Gold also weakened as the USD strengthened ahead of a statement by a leading Fed FOMC official vis-a-vis monetary policy.
Daily Trading Opportunities - Monday, June 19
During the session on Monday, we have almost no economic news to move the markets, so at this point in time I believe that the Monday session will be technically driven more than anything house.
Market In Review: Trading The Fed Hike’s Aftermath
Bond markets priced-in approximately 98% odds for a hike, going into Wednesday’s Fed announcement. Most peculiar is the fact that bond markets expressed little hopes that the Fed would be able to continue and meets its longer term policy targets.
How Tight Is The Cable?
The decision by the Bank of England (BOE) to maintain interest rates at their current level of 0.25% was expected. GBP weakness has made imports costlier, and this filters through to Main Street.
Daily Trading Opportunities - Friday, June 16
During the day on Friday, we have a massive amount of economic announcements coming out, just as we did on Thursday. However, there is the possibility that the markets may be a bit exhausted after all of that news.
Daily Trading Opportunities - Thursday, June 15
With interest rate decision coming out of both Switzerland and the United Kingdom today, there is plenty to get the markets moving. We also have retail sales out of the United Kingdom, and a handful of US announcements.
Daily Trading Opportunities - Wednesday, June 14
During the session on Wednesday, we get a handful of announcements that could move the marketplace. Gold markets initially fell but started to see support towards the end of the day.
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