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Yuval Taylor is a writer and editor of non-fiction books about literature, performance, and music. In his spare time he invests, primarily in microcaps; investigates investment conundrums; and writes about his investigations on the site more


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The Cost Of Equity: Rethinking The Conventional Wisdom, Part 2
In part 1, we discussed the extent of the issue. Here, I propose my solution.
The Cost Of Equity: Rethinking The Conventional Wisdom, Part 1
Analysts and investors have long puzzled over the difficulties of calculating the cost of equity, which is ultimately essential if we want to know the present value of an investment.
Why The Riskiest Stocks Have Been Vastly Outperforming Safe Ones
It's the Red Bull approach to investing - extremely caffeinated risk taking for fun. We are at a unique moment in history when the riskiest stocks have the highest return.
The “Factor Zoo”: Some Thoughts On “Is There A Replication Crisis In Finance?”
A discussion about the various investing factors, their factor classification system.
Waiting For Fair Value
The idea behind value investing is that you buy a stock well below its fair value, wait for it to appreciate to something close to its fair value, and then sell it.
Super Stocks: A New Assessment Of Ken Fisher's Pioneering Book
Fisher pioneered price-to-sales and price-to-research ratios. He also was one of the first to identify small-cap value as a universe worth looking at.
What Is A Company's Intrinsic Value?
The calculation of intrinsic value has become a forbidding and abstruse practice.
When Genius Failed: Revisiting Roger Lowenstein’s Classic Twenty Years Later
How a firm consisting of PhDs and financial wizards, including two Nobel prizewinners, Robert Merton and Myron Scholes—conquered Wall Street in the space of four years, making unprecedented gains, only to see their fortunes completely collapse.
How To Predict Sales Growth
There are a number of reasons why you might be interested in the future sales/revenue growth of a company.
A Stock-Picker's Guide To William O'Neil's Can Slim System
O’Neil calls his system Can Slim after the first letters of each of its principal seven components. Unfortunately, it sounds more like a diet than an investing system—and indeed, O’Neil’s writing has a lot in common with diet books.
A Stock-Picker's Guide To Benjamin Graham's Screening Rules
Benjamin Graham, who has often been called the father of value investing, published The Intelligent Investor in 1949 and revised it several times, most recently in 1972.
Can Screening For Stocks Still Generate Alpha?
I tested dozens of established screens designed by or based on the ideas of investment experts with a wide variety of approaches, and fewer than 15% of them have beat the S&P 500 over the last three years.
Change Partners: Some Thoughts On Market Regimes
A lot of investors talk about “market regimes.”
Why Low-Variability Investing Works
It has long been established that stocks with low variability in prices tend to outperform stocks with high variability.
The Value Inversion
Valuing a company is hard work.
A Tale Of Two Volatilities
When we as investors talk about volatility, we’re usually talking about variability in price returns.
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