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Yoni Jacobs, CFA, CMT, is an Investment Strategist. As a Financial Adviser, he develops and implements targeted investment strategies for individuals, families, businesses, and institutions.

Yoni is the author of Gold Bubble: Profiting From Gold’s Impending Collapse, published by ... more

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Why Bank Of America (BAC) Is My Favorite Bank Stock
Bank of America has underperformed much of the Financials Sector since the Great Recession. BAC could outperform the other Banks and even double from here.
Coffee Prices Set To Rise
Coffee prices have been devastated over the past 5 years, together with much of the overall commodity space, but it appears that a bottom may be in and prices could rise significantly.
Unemployment Is Ready To Rise
Unemployment is set to increase very soon. Although the recovery in jobs has been stronger than most realize or are willing to accept, it's about to reverse. Rising unemployment is coming (and so might a recession).
Remember $2 Gas?
Due to the collapse in crude oil, gas prices have reached lows not seen since the depth of the Great Recession. But these extreme lows in oil and gas prices won't be here for long.
Netflix: Valuations, Competition, And Questionable Accounting Point To Potential Crash
Netflix (NFLX​) is highly overvalued with huge expectations to live up to and the best stock performance already behind it.
All That Glitters, May Not Glitter For Long
No shine in gold's future, chart prophet says.
1 to 6 of 6 Posts