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Tracey Ryniec is an Editor at Zacks Investment Research who covers the Value Stock for the Zacks Rank Buys. The Zacks Rank Buys are stocks with a short-term "Buy" or "Strong Buy" recommendation.


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The Hottest Stock ETFs Of 2020
It’s been a crazy year with the coronavirus pandemic hitting, the economic shutdown, and many people deciding to try investing for the first time, both through apps like Robinhood or through the older, bigger brokers like Schwab.
5 Cheap Tech Stocks In 2020
Technology stocks are soaring and are again the darlings of Wall Street. But are there any value stocks in the technology sector?
Is This A Buying Opportunity In The Marijuana Stocks?
Many investors have focused on Canadian cannabis growers in the last few years. But the pandemic has caused a shake-up among the companies with several doing layoffs and cutting expenses.
5 Dirt Cheap Stocks To Buy Now
With most companies now having reported first-quarter earnings, investors now have a good look at where companies stood when the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States.
This Book Changed Warren Buffett's Life
As we have seen this year, many companies have suspended their dividend due to the uncertainty around COVID-19. But what about those companies that are still paying it?
Are There Investing Opportunities In The Auto Stocks?
The coronavirus is impacting all aspects of the auto industry from manufacturing, to the auto dealerships, to the rental car companies.
3 Lessons From Warren Buffett's Airline Stock Fiasco
In early May, Berkshire Hathaway held its annual shareholder meeting in Omaha, only this year was a bit different as it all had to be done streaming on the Internet. That didn’t make it any less interesting.
Who Will Win In The New Era Of Retail?
With retail stores shut around the world, consumers are embracing online ordering like never before.
5 Stocks To Navigate The Coronavirus Earnings Season
Business services, including medical services, are expected to be one of the sectors that may have earnings growth in the second quarter.
Value Investors: Time To Get Back To Basics
Stocks have rebounded off the big coronavirus sell-off, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still bargain stocks out there.
5 Superstar Stocks On Sale During The Coronavirus Crisis
For the first time in several years, the growth stocks also have sold off. That means some “superstar” stocks are suddenly on sale.
Investing Advice For The Coronavirus Sell-Off
With the Dow now officially in a bear market sell-off, which means a 20% pullback from its all-time highs, and the Nasdaq and S&P 500 not far from that mark, stocks are officially on sale.
Will The Coronavirus Send The US Into Recession?
The coronavirus has presented as a black swan type of event in 2020 that no one could have predicted. And its impacts are still unknown. It’s going to be difficult to invest in the top consumer names because there are simply too many unknowns.
5 Dirt Cheap Classic Value Stocks
Value investors are resilient. If you liked the cheap stocks before the sell-off, you like them even more now.
5 Top Stocks With Dividend Yields Over 5%
Many investors may want to be on the lookout for other ways to get a higher yield. One of them is through buying stocks and REITs.
Value Investors: Where To Look For Stocks On Sale
The super-cheap stocks right now are found in the hated industries like energy, retail, and the banks. No one wanted to buy stocks in those areas, even at the highs. But you can get them much cheaper now.
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